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Performance profiling

One method that elite athletes use to improve performance is known as ‘Performance Profiling’. The same approach can be used at work to improve individual or team performance. Essentially, Performance Profiling involves assessing your current competence level for all of the key skills required to do your job effectively. On this video you will learn how to use this approach (at work or in sport) for yourself, your team and, if you are a coach, for your clients.

7 questions to ask your clients

To be a successful professional coach, it’s really important that your clients get full value for their time and financial investment. One way to start the relationship in a positive way is to ask your client to come to the first session having already done some focussed thinking. In this video, you’ll learn about the 7 questions that I ask almost all of my clients before the first session, so that they arrive ready and motivated and I have a sense of how to start the coaching.

Taking control of your time

One of the most important factors in determining the level of success someone achieves is how they spend their time. Life is increasingly busy, with greater demands on people’s time, both in and outside work. This video will cover a simple yet extremely powerful method to help you to take control of your time, both in your life and at work, so that you can move towards having the kind of success (however YOU define it). You’ll need a pen, paper and calculator to get the most from this video.