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Culture change

The ‘culture’ of an organisation can be a very intangible notion, yet it is crucial to results. A ‘negative’, ‘can’t do’ culture will sap morale and reduce profits and efficiencies.

How can we help you to create culture change?

Are there areas of your organisation which show a can’t do mind-set? Are you wondering how to create the kind of culture change that you require? If so, we can create a programme of brief culture change workshops which will shift it towards a ‘can do’ and ‘will-do’ mind-set, and remove the excuses that lead to under-performance.

Our credentials

Culture Change courses at The Lazarus ConsultancyWe have run numerous in-house workshops which alter the mind-set and productivity of the department or business area and which create the sort of culture change that our clients require. And of course all of our open NLP training courses impact the mind-set of attendees.

We always cover the mindset for success/excellence, which is a foundation to the culture change work we do, at the start of our NLP courses. After this section, we ask all delegates (many of whom are senior managers or directors) what impact it would make on profits/efficiency if all employees adopted this mindset.

The average figure is 50%, with the smallest being 15%.

Even if this average is exaggerated ten times, imagine the impact on you, your career and the business of a 5% increase in profits!

Next steps

For a confidential, no obligations discussion about how we can help your culture change initiatives in specific areas of your organisation, contact us now.