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Donna Blinston

Donna BlinstonDonna Blinston is a Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Time Line Comprehension, a Life Coach, Leadership and Facilitation Coach, who works on a one-to-one and team/department/business basis. By professional background Donna is a RGN, specialized in the field of gastroenterology and the liver. Donna developed within her nursing gaining experience and qualification to her current role today as a Nurse Specialist in Blood Bourne Viruses. This is where her passion as a nurse and the drive to care for, support and help her patients led her to finding NLP.

Since being introduced to NLP in 2004, Donna has developed in so many ways, both on a professional and personal level. Her drive was to show people the gift of NLP and bring NLP into healthcare. As a ward sister she thought she could facilitate change to benefit the patients but this was only at ward level. NLP enabled Donna to gain the knowledge, confidence and understanding to run workshops and training sessions to bring the nursing teams together. This in turn affected the way managers ran their team; the teams became patient focused and the patients benefited tenfold. This has had amazing success, managers knew what their team wanted from them and vice versa, limiting decisions and beliefs were removed and all gained insight into each other’s needs, weakness and strengths.

Donna developed her own business Inspirational Solutions, In Your Hands Consultancy in 2008, serving her clients on a one to one basis as a life coach and in their businesses, developing training programmes for team development and team success. What she offers will inspire and motivate you, it will increase you/your teams self-awareness and empower you so that you/they can be whatever it is you want to be.

Donna is an Author of two books: Psychobabble A Straight Forward Plain English Guide to the Benefits of NLP and Make New Year’s Resolutions and Keep Them Using NLP. Donna’s passion for NLP encouraged her to write her books in a simple, easy to use way, providing multiple real world definitions and real life examples of the tools and techniques so that every reader could apply them to themselves.