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NLP Business Practitioner
ilm Approved Centre - our courses meet the requirements of the Institute of Leadership and Management The Lazarus Consultancy AC ACCT The Lazarus Consultancy AC Accredited Diploma
ilm Approved Centre - our courses meet the requirements of the Institute of Leadership and Management
The Lazarus Consultancy AC ACCT
The Lazarus Consultancy AC Accredited Diploma

Overview of our NLP Business Practitioner course

The NLP Business Practitioner  is similar to our NLP Practitioner course, and focuses on how you can use NLP techniques specifically in business and the workplace, regardless of whether you work in the public, private or charity sector, as well as covering more general uses.

  • Pre-study.
  • The face-to- face training. This is spread over 4 modules covering 10 days.
  • Assessment and certification. This takes place during the course.

The course is designed to teach you all the practitioner-level NLP techniques, so that you not only know the techniques, but know that you know them and to know how to use them. In order that you can be a truly excellent NLP Practitioner, we also cover what to do in those rare situations when it is NOT appropriate or safe to use NLP. And you’ll really enjoy the course while you’re learning.

And remember, we guarantee that you will get value for money, or we will refund in full..

by a country mile, the best and most useful course I have ever attended.”

David Cordle, business and career coach


“This is without doubt the most useful course I have attended since leaving college.”

Howard Voisey, senior project manager

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NLP Business Practitioner training with The Lazarus Consultancy

Who is this course perfect for?

Our NLP Business Practitioner course is perfect for the following types of professionals. We’re wondering which category you fall into? Perhaps there is more than one? Details of benefits are shown in the next section.

  • employees seeking advancement
  • business coaches, consultants and trainers
  • business owners/entrepreneurs, senior managers and directors
  • sales professionals and business developers
  • HR and L&D professionals
  • sports coaches and athletes

Why do this course?

The Lazarus Consultancy Why Do This Course?

Benefits for everyone

  • Improve all your relationships
  • Learn the mindset for success/excellence that will be available to you all your life
  • Become a more fluent and flexible communicator
  • Gain confidence in all situations
  • Learn how to make decisions that are truly right for you
  • learn how to achieve the goals you want
  • Clear negativity (baggage) from the past

“A very powerful training course which has changed my career direction dramatically and also has had an impact on my personal life in many ways”

Sera Johnston

Benefits for employees seeking advancement

  • overcome key blocks that may have held you back from achieving the career and personal success you truly deserve
  • significantly improve your earnings potential and career prospects
  • see major improvements in your communication and influencing skills
  • become even more effective at work

“An excellent course led by an excellent trainer. Jeremy made learning accessible and enjoyable. Quickly I found I was able to use the techniques at work with great results. I recommend him 100%”

Mel Larsen, Coach

Benefits for coaches, consultants and trainers

  • win more clients and assignments
  • feel confident to increase your fees
  • expand your ability to coach and train in different situations and different client desired outcomes
  • learn how to use a model that is fundamental to all change processes
  • learn how to gain greater buy-in and overcome resistance to your ideas
  • learn how to feel confident when in front of any audience

“If you want to undergo personal  transformation whilst gaining a thorough knowledge of NLP in a supportive & fun environment with an inspirational trainer, then this is the course for you. “

Lesley Pyne, Coach

Benefits for business owners/entrepreneurs, senior managers and directors

  • learn the attitudes that could add 50%-100% to efficiency and profits
  • significantly improve your own ability to influence and shape events
  • improve your selling skills and gain more clients
  • become an even better and more inspirational leader
  • have staff feel so motivated that they’ll almost be queuing up to work for you.
  • increase employee buy-in, hence reducing staff turnover and recruitment costs, and improve employee productivity
  • improve your ability to focus on the key tasks to take your business to where you want it to go

“My experience of both the NLP Diploma and Practitioner Course have been incredible and life changing. Jeremy and his team were fantastic as trainers – the whole experience was fun filled and enlightening. For anyone who wants to take control of their destiny and create their own path, this introduction to NLP is a must!”

Katy Green, Entrepreneur

Benefits for sales professionals and business developers

  • improve your ability to influence current and prospective clients
  • increase your focus and drive
  • increase sales revenue
  • remove blocks which may have held you back in the past
  • achieve the results you truly deserve, so that you won’t look back with regrets

“The techniques learnt will be with me forever more and will certainly enrich my life or should I say continue to enrich my life as it’s already started!”

Alan Clarke, Sales Trainer and consultant

Benefits for HR and L&D professionals

  • learn the attitudes that could add 50%-100% to efficiency and profits
  • improve staff engagement and retention throughout the organisation
  • recruit even more effectively
  • improve training course outcomes
  • improve the results of culture change initiatives

Benefits for sports coaches and athletes

  • Improve your sporting results, quickly
  • Learn how to truly cope with ‘pressure’
  • Get your message across to athletes or team-mates
  • Learn how to turn anger and fear into aggression and positivity

“You owe it to yourself to learn from the very best, and that’s the Lazarus Consultancy Ltd.”

Graham Towse, Sports Coach

What you will learn

The course is specifically designed for you to learn how to use NLP in all areas of your life. Once you have become a certified NLP Practitioner with us, your ability to achieve better results faster will be available to you for the rest of your life

Module 1

The foundation principles and key NLP Business Practitioner techniques

  • Communication: understanding why it goes well and why it doesn’t (The NLP Communication Model)
  • The Mindset for Success and Excellence: how to be massively increase your chances of being successful and getting excellent results (NLP Presuppositions, The Principles for Success)
  • Observational skills: fundamental for great NLP work and success (Sensory Acuity)
  • Building rapport and gaining trust: the essentials for any successful relationship and interaction (Rapport)
  • Communication styles: flexing your approach to suit the audience (Representational Systems and Predicates)
  • Coaching with NLP: how every NLP technique fits into a coaching framework; how to recognise when NLP/coaching should NOT be used, and what to do in such situations; how to ‘contract’ with clients.
  • Setting achievable goals: learn the goal-setting secrets of successful businesspeople and athletes (Well-formed goals/outcomes)
  • Seeing other perspectives: a core skill of every successful communicator. (Perceptual Positions)
  • Feeling at your best instantly (Resource Anchor)

Module 2

Understanding yourself and others

  • How to manage and control your mind, rather than it controlling you (Introduction to Submodalities)
  • Some key language and communication tips
  • Hearing what people actually say (Introduction to Linguistic Presuppositions)
  • Communicating at different levels: conceptually, in detail and thinking laterally (Chunking and The Hierarchy of Ideas)
  • How to turn ‘negatives’ into ‘positives’ (Framing and Reframing)
  • Getting inside people’s heads and hearts: How to motivate, manage, sell and make better choices (Values)
  • Becoming an even better leader (or manager, coach, parent), and becoming more clear about, and true to, who you really are (Neuro-logical Levels).

Module 3

The more advanced NLP Business Practitioner patterns and language skills

  • Several ways to change unwanted responses and behaviours (Submodalities, Collapse Anchors, Swish patterns)
  • Changing unwanted beliefs (Submodalities)
  • Using language exquisitely and subtly to emphasise your point (Linguistic Presuppositions)
  • Using language artfully to create agreement (Milton Model)
  • Power questions – getting to the heart of the issue, quickly. (Meta Model)
  • Telling stories, and using analogies to by-pass disagreement and re-inforce understanding (Metaphors)
  • Understanding the way people get their results and make decisions (Strategies)
  • Changing unhelpful strategies

Module 4

Advanced NLP Business Practitioner personal development and integration coaching sessions ( HEALTH WARNING: most people look and feel younger after this module)

  • Integrate all the course learnings to date with a 1 hour coaching session with a course participant.
  • Resolving internal conflicts that have prevented you from reaching your true potential (Parts Integration)
  • Quickly (in about 5-10 minutes), clearing pent-up negative emotions (such as anger, sadness, fear, guilt, jealousy) that have led to unhelpful responses and behaviours, and which may possibly damage your health (Time Line interventions, two methods)
  • Removing deep-seated limiting beliefs (such as ‘I’m not good enough’, or ‘I don’t deserve success’ or ‘I’m stupid’) quickly (in about 5-10 minutes) which have held you back (Time Line interventions, two methods).
  • Creating your future using time lines
  • Prove to yourself just how much you’ve learned by running a 2 hour coaching session with a complete stranger
  • Scope of practice, ethics, ‘contracting’ with clients and being a professional NLP Practitioner
  • Reflections and the future.

Please note that we may slightly amend the content depending on specific timings. Click here for even more detail on what you will learn on the NLP Practitioner course

Frequently asked questions

NLP Training with The Lazarus Consultancy

How will you learn all this NLP Business Practitioner material in 10 days?

Prior to the course you will receive your own copy of approved audio learning material. All of this is included in the price. The easy to learn pre-study takes around 50-60 hours, all of which you do before the course when and where YOU want, for example while commuting, driving, relaxing or exercising.

During the formal training we touch on some of the theory you will already have learned from the pre-study, and update you with any recent techniques. You therefore spend much of the classroom time on practical exercises, “actually getting it in the muscle”.

The trainers and the coaching assistants will be there to give you feedback and support to heighten your proficiency. In addition, on the final day you will have the opportunity to integrate all you have learned on the course.

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Why do we choose to run a modular NLP Practitioner training with pre-study? (see FAQs, Section 3)
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