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NLP for Business Success Book

NLP for Business Success BookNLP for Business Success, will teach you how to use NLP at work in order to achieve better results faster and establish a mindset for professional success. It will enable you to build rapport with colleagues through improving your influencing and communications skills, understanding and motivating both yourself and others, making positive changes and achieving both personal and organizational goals.

Written in accessible, jargon-free language, NLP for Business Success contains numerous examples and practical exercises which will help you to grasp the use of NLP. It is perfect for anyone looking to improve their career and achieve success at work, whether in the private or public sector, and regardless of their current role.

This paperback book has 304 pages with full reference and glossary.

NLP for Business Success is available on Amazon (, see the testimonials there or Crimson Publishing ( or from our on-line NLP Shop.

The Essential Handbook for Business BookUS Edition

An edition of this book has now been rebranded for the United States market as NLP: The Essential Handbook for Business.  This is now available in the USA on Amazon ( or Barnes and Noble (