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NLP Master Practitioner CDs & Manual

NLP Master Practitioner CDsThis 6 CD set covers Values and Meta Programmes from the NLP Master Practitioner training course syllabus. The CDs come with an accompanying Master Practitioner manual which includes an introduction to the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.  (The Chapters on Breakthrough Sessions and Time Line materials are only provided on the NLP Master Practitioner Course and so there is nothing in these sections of the manual).

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The subject and duration of each NLP Master Practitioner CD

Please note that the CD case has the title Understanding, Predicting and Influencing Behaviour.

  • Disc 1 – Values #1 (77:09)
  • Disc 2 – Values #2 (51:04)
  • Disc 1 – Meta Programs #1 (79:32)
  • Disc 2 – Meta Programs #2 (58:41)
  • Disc 3 – Meta Programs #3 (53:23)
  • Disc 4 – Meta Programs #4 (29:26)

The price for the NLP Master Practitioner CDs and manual is:

  1. £150 plus VAT for the physical version from our NLP Shop
  2. £130 plus VAT for the digital version from our NLP Shop