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ilm Approved Centre - our courses meet the requirements of the Institute of Leadership and Management The Lazarus Consultancy AC Accredited Diploma The Lazarus Consultancy AC Advanced Diploma in Coach Training
ilm Approved Centre - our courses meet the requirements of the Institute of Leadership and Management
The Lazarus Consultancy AC Accredited Diploma
The Lazarus Consultancy AC Advanced Diploma in Coach Training

Overview of our NLP Master Practitioner / ILM Recognised Mastering Influencing & Personal Effectiveness Skills

Our ANLP recognised NLP Master Practitioner training course leads to this ILM Recognised certificate (see FAQs below). It is also a large part of the Association for Coaching’s ADCT and AADCT courses. The ILM  is one of the UK’s top leadership and management qualifications bodies, and the AC is one of the world’s leading coaching bodies, so you know you will be receiving high-quality training in any event.

The NLP Master Practitioner course focuses on how you can master the use of NLP techniques in business/at work, coaching and sport to help you to achieve huge benefits. There are 14 days in 4 modules, plus pre-study, plus some additional work for the ILM and AC certificates (see FAQs).

The course is specially designed so that you not only know the coaching and NLP techniques, but also know that you know them and how to use them. In order for you to be a truly excellent NLP Master Practitioner or coach, we also cover what to do in those rare situations when it is NOT appropriate or safe to use NLP or to coach. And remember, we also offer a money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied, so it’s a no-risk decision.

Fantastic course.  Changed my life.

Stuart How

“Master Practitioner courses that Jeremy runs are quite simply the best in the market.”

Nicky Coffin

“I cannot recommend it too highly!”

Joy Griffiths



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NLP Master Practitioner training with The Lazarus Consultancy

Who is this course perfect for?

Because our NLP Master Practitioner course is recognised by three professional organisations and delivered by a highly experienced and qualified coach and trainer, it is perfect for the following types of professionals (you can see details of benefits in the next section).

  • employees seeking advancement
  • business and life coaches
  • business management consultants
  • trainers
  • business owners and entrepreneurs
  • senior managers and directors
  • sales professionals and business developers
  • HR and L&D professionals
  • sports coaches and athletes

Why do this course?

The Lazarus Consultancy Why Do This Course?

Benefits for everyone

  • take your existing NLP techniques and skills to far higher levels, as well as learning a huge amount of invaluable new material
  • learn how to do NLP work fluently and with ease, having gained a deep understanding of how and why NLP works so effectively
  • have an amazing personal breakthrough session, which will help you to remove limitations and blocks that may have previously stopped you from getting the results you want. This session alone is worth more than the cost of the course
  • provide the breakthrough experience for others on the course, and afterwards

“This course has offered me the opportunity to confidently retire from my profession with the knowledge that there still is much that I will able to do out there that will influence and inspire people and until such time I can apply my new found skills in every walk of life and lead the life I want and be who I want to be”

Bebe Botha

Benefits for employees seeking advancement

  • overcome key blocks that may have surfaced after your NLP Practitioner course, so that you can achieve the career and personal success you truly deserve
  • massively improve your earnings potential and career prospects
  • see major improvements in your communication and influencing skills
  • learn how to present brilliantly, even at short notice

“The courses were a great mix of educational and insightful, plus they were lots of fun!  I am much better equipped to move forward with my new business and my life goals.  Cannot recommend it too highly!”

Joy Griffiths, entrepreneur

Benefits for business and life coaches

  • gain even more coaching clients, and easily justify increasing your fees
  • help clients change profoundly and get results much faster compared to the NLP Practitioner course (which was already amazing!)
  • be more able to coach in different situations, and to do so with ease without using NLP techniques overtly
  • add ‘performance breakthrough sessions’ to your portfolio of coaching skills

“I can’t think of a better investment of time and money – what I learned here will benefit me personally, those I work with, and everyone I come into contact with in the future.”

Dave Cordle, career coach

Benefits for management consultants

  • gain more consultancy assignments, and extend existing ones
  • improve the results of culture change initiatives, and hence have greater sell-ons
  • learn how to make change more palatable for client staff through greater understanding of what drives human behaviour during change
  • gain greater buy-in and overcome resistance to your proposed solutions

“I would strongly recommend The Lazarus Consultancy, for the size and dynamics of the group created for the NLP Master Practitioner programme and the empowering belief Jeremy has in how we can improve every aspect of our life with the skills, techniques and beliefs that deep knowledge of NLP gives us. And it works too!”

David Warren, business consultant

Benefits for trainers

  • sell more training courses
  • gain even greater confidence so that you can handle even the most challenging of audiences
  • improve training course outcomes, by understanding how people learn and what stops them from learning
  • learn how to structure a presentation and training course that will meet the needs of all members of an audience

Benefits for business owners and entrepreneurs

  • improve your influencing skills
  • improve your selling skills
  • increase employee buy-in, hence reducing staff turnover and recruitment costs, and improve employee productivity
  • be able to change employees’ mindset in a brief conversation
  • improve your ability to focus on the key tasks to take your business to where you want it to go

“The objectives I set at the start were met and then superseded.  The course has been invaluable from the content to the trainer to the other delegates on so many different levels. The course is bloody marvellous and it has made a huge difference.  I now have to go out and affect the change.Bloody loved every minute!  Thank you!!!” 

Allison Harper, Finance Director and Entrepreneur

Benefits for senior managers and directors

  • increase staff engagement within the organisation
  • have staff be so motivated that they’ll almost be queuing up to work for you
  • improve profitability and efficiencies
  • become an even better and more inspirational leader, improving your own ability to influence and shape events
  • significantly improve your presentation skills

“I have attended 3 courses (from basic to MP) and have found all of them to be thoroughly engaging, incredibly useful and what’s more I have gained so much personally (business and personal) from the practice work undertaken on the course. I strongly recommend The Lazarus Consultancy”

Jonathan Green, Company Director

Benefits for sales professionals and business developers

  • take a major leap forward in your ability to influence current and prospective clients
  • increase your focus and drive
  • significantly increase sales revenue
  • remove major blocks which may have held you back in the past
  • achieve the results you truly deserve, so that you won’t look back with regrets

Benefits for HR and L&D professionals

  • improve staff engagement and retention throughout the organisation
  • recruit even more effectively
  • be able to train managers to recruit more effectively and build better teams
  • improve training course outcomes
  • improve the results of culture change initiatives

“This was one of the most fantastic CIPD courses I’ve ever attended.  The content was incredible, but even more – Jeremy is truly a Master trainer.  His passion for the content, his rapport with his students and his level of integrity made all the difference.”

Rebecca Winter, Learning & Development Executive

Benefits for sports coaches and athletes

  • improve your sporting results, quickly
  • learn how to truly cope with ‘pressure’
  • get your message across to athletes or team-mates
  • learn how to turn anger and fear into aggression and positivity
  • understand how to motivate different types of athletes.

“Fantastic course.  Changed my life.  This wouldn’t do it justice – my last 5 years have been phenomenal.”

Stuart How, Sports Coach

What you will learn

The course is specifically designed for you to learn how to use NLP in all areas of your life. Once you have become a certified NLP Master Practitioner with us, your ability to achieve better results faster will be available to you for the rest of your life.

Click here for even more detail on what you will learn on the NLP Master Practitioner course.

Module 1

Some NLP Master Practitioner foundations and change techniques

  • Revision of key NLP Practitioner topics
  • Being an NLP Master Practitioner
  • Using language for maximum impact to alter mindsets
  • Advanced reframing to overcome objections and stuck thinking
  • Resolving internal conflicts that have prevented you from reaching your true potential or which create sub-optimal results
  • Introduction to modelling
  • Understanding and motivating people

Module 2

Understanding yourself and others, some advanced NLP Master Practitioner topics, and modelling excellence

  • Advanced understand and influencing behaviour
  • Presentation and training skills
  • Advanced strategies
  • Advanced submodalities
  • Two live modelling projects

Module 3

Advanced belief change and mastering time line interventions

  • Understand how beliefs are formed
  • Removing phobias
  • Understand different types of beliefs, and how to choose appropriate belief-change interventions
  • Mastering 2 distinct types of Time Line interventions to clear past ‘baggage’ (negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear and guilt) and limiting decisions/beliefs, such as ‘I’m not worthy’
  • Using time lines to create a compelling future.

Module 4

Advanced NLP personal development and breakthrough coaching sessions

  • Learn how to take a detailed personal history
  • Learn how to run a 5-7 hour breakthrough coaching session, getting to the root cause of blocks
  • Receive a 5-7 hour breakthrough coaching session, paving the way for your future success
  • Learn how to coach using archetypes
  • Learn how to use all the of the NLP Master Practitioner material as a coach
  • Ethics, standards, ‘contracting’ with clients and behaving in a professional manner as a NLP Master Practitioner

Please note that we may slightly amend the content in order to suit the group.

Frequently asked questions

NLP Training with The Lazarus Consultancy

What is the link to the AC (Association for Coaching) accredited courses?

This is covered in depth here. In summary, the AC has 4 levels of accredited coach training courses, and our NLP Master Practitioner training leads to two of them (Accredited Diploma in Coach Training – ADCT and Accredited Advanced Diploma in Coach Training – AADCT). The additional study is explained on the relevant page.

How will you learn all this NLP Master Practitioner material in 14 days?

Before the course you will receive your own copy of approved NLP Master Practitioner audio learning material. The easy to learn pre-study takes around 20-30 hours, which you do before the course when and where YOU want, for example while commuting, driving, relaxing or exercising.

During the formal training we touch on some of the theory you will already have learned from the pre-study, and update you with any recent techniques. You therefore spend much of the classroom time on practical NLP Master Practitioner exercises, getting it ‘in the muscle’.

The trainers and the assistants will be there to give you feedback and support to improve your skills. In addition, on the final module you will have the opportunity to integrate all you have learned on the course.

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Course recognition/accreditation (see FAQs, Section 4)
Certification (see FAQs, Section 4)
Why do we choose to run a modular NLP Master Practitioner training with pre-study? (see FAQs, Section 3)
How is the course structured? (see FAQs, Section 3)

What our students and clients say