NLP Trainers Training

In this 16 day fully accredited NLP Trainers Training you will learn how to:

  • Present exquisitely and engage your audiences 
  • Train brilliantly so that all your students ‘get it’
  • Run accredited NLP courses as soon as you qualify
  • Feel totally confident, so that you can handle any audience

NLP Trainers Training

  • Danubius Hotel, St Johns Wood, London NW8 7JT
  • £4,400 plus VAT (early booking savings available)

ask us about payment options to suit you

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ANLP Accredited Trainer
AC Accredited Advanced Diploma in Coach Training

Overview of our NLP Trainers Training course

Our NLP Trainers Training course meets ANLP’s criteria for training and certifying your own NLP Diploma, NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner courses. The course is so comprehensive that it forms the foundation for the Association for Coaching’s Accredited Advanced Diploma in Coach Training (AADCT) course, and leads to an ILM Recognised Train the Trainer certificate.

It is a demanding course that is not suitable for everyone, only those who are committed to achieving this high level of certification and responsibility.

In summary, there are

  • 4 classroom days plus webinars, where you will learn the theory and practice of learning styles, presenting and how to structure training courses,
  • 1 day of written exams (so you can show us and yourself that you know your NLP material really well),
  • 10 days of assisting on a live NLP Practitioner programme, where you will see what happens behind the scenes and present a segment to a real audience as part of your Evaluation.

“To become a trainer is hard work, but this is the way to do it. To have achieved this through The Lazarus Consultancy is an accolade within itself”

Judith Hammond

“I recommend to anyone who wants to train as an NLP trainer to choose Jeremy as their Master NLP trainer, coach and mentor”

Lyndon Price

NLP Trainers Training with The Lazarus Consultancy

About NLP Trainers Training

1. Our Ethos

Because we believe that NLP would benefit virtually everyone worldwide, our intention is to make NLP as widely known, accessible and accepted throughout the world as possible.

Our trainings are comprehensive as well as being enjoyable. We want our students to not only know NLP, but to know they know it and to operate from an extremely high level of competence and ecology.

As much as possible we avoid some of the ‘politics’ within NLP, and we affiliate ourselves with ANLP International, an organisation which welcomes competent NLPers regardless of which school they have trained at.

2. The benefits of attending our NLP Trainers Training course

  • To take your NLP knowledge to new levels, as well as being even more fluent using NLP. It’s one thing to know it well enough to use it and it’s another to know it well enough to teach it.
  • To run NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses. If this is something you would like to do, in our opinion it is one of the best ways to make a difference, as well as being extremely rewarding. You know how much impact NLP had in your life, so imagine how great you’ll feel creating that for others!
  • Even if you don’t plan to run certified NLP courses, preferring to run for example, in-house NLP-based communication courses, you’ll have a highly-recognised qualification which will help you stand out from the competition. And if your client happens to want, for example, an in-house NLP Business Practitioner, you’ll be able to offer that too, the revenue for which will far exceed the cost of our NLP Trainers Training course.
  • You can opt for an extra assessment to be certified to use NLP in up to two of five fields– business, sport, coaching, education and health.
  • We will give you tips on ‘the business of training’.
  • The course leads to an ILM Recognised Train the Trainer certificate, which is widely accepted by organisations as evidence of a high standard of trainers training (not all HR Directors respect NLP, but they will almost certainly respect the ILM)
  • You will gain the iWAM Meta Programme psychometric facilitator qualification.
  • Because we are committed to taking the field of NLP forward and enhancing standards, we ensure that our Trainers are excellent. So when you have our certificate as one of our Trainers, you will know that you deserve it!
  • Because our NLP Trainers Training is modular, you will be able to integrate your learnings between modules.
  • 3. Entry requirements

    The NLP Trainers Training course is open to anyone who has an NLP Practitioner and an NLP Master Practitioner certificate and who we believe would be appropriate for the course. We  interview all applicants who we do not know or who we have not trained, so that we know that the course is right for you.

    4. Evaluation

    Evaluation and certification will include the following:

    • a closed book written test: pass mark 70%
    • one presentation of an NLP topic and a demonstration of the pattern as part of a live NLP Practitioner Training
    • operating from the NLP presuppositions, being an example of NLP excellence, building and maintaining rapport, from the time you book and throughout the course
    • for the ILM element, a 1,000-1,500 word essay after the course about how you have used, or will use, what you’ve learned.

    5. Pre-study for our NLP Trainers Training course and evaluation

    We strongly suggest that you prepare fully for the course, which we will discuss with you when you book onto the course.

    6. What you will learn: overview

    In summary, the NLP Trainers Training course will cover topics to help you:

    • structure brilliant presentations and top-notch training courses
    • target your training to specific audiences
    • be in the most useful trainer state
    • do eye-catching demonstrations
    • use metaphors appropriately
    • use your physiology for maximum impact

    and much, much more (see below for the detail of what you will learn).

    Jeremy Lazarus will be the lead trainer, with input from Dr Sally Vanson, and there may be guest speakers.

    7. What you will learn: detail

    Here are the main topics that you will learn on our NLP Trainers Training course:

    • design and deliver courses and structure presentations so that it suits the learning style of everyone in the audience
    • feel at your best and in the right state instantly
    • use your body language to emphasize points
    • build rapport with any audience, quickly, and help them be in the right state for what you’re covering
    • do exquisite demonstrations, including choosing the right person, to bring alive your training
    • deal with questions and challenges from the audience, including ‘hecklers’
    • use stories and language to engage audiences whilst making your points consciously and unconsciously
    • how to work with flip charts and Powerpoint
    • move on if you happen to make a mistake while training
    • certify students, including what to do if a student is not yet meeting your standards
    • the business of training, including various business models and your options as a Certified NLP Trainer
    • ethics and standards as a Certified NLP Trainer.

    8. How the course is structured

    There are 5 days stand-alone general trainers training, which also includes the ILM Recognised Train the Trainer certificate. On these 5 days, you’ll have several opportunities to practice presenting to an audience.

    On the 10 days that are linked to an NLP Practitioner course you will be observing the course, as well as working with the students to help them meet the standards. You will have mentoring and tasking from Jeremy and other trainers, and you will see what happens ‘behind the scenes’. Because the course has modules, you will have time to reflect on what you are learning, and do relevant tasks in between modules.

    What our students and clients say

    Ivona Gordon

    Jeremy has a unique approach to bringing out the best in people. He certainly practices what he preaches!  Jeremy is one of a handful of trainers/coaches/practitioners that I would, without any hesitation, recommend to others.  He is knowledgeable, ethical and shows genuine passion for the work he does and how best to serve others.

    Mel Larsen

    Before doing the NLP course, I had felt I needed more coaching approaches and methodologies. The course gave me a lot of new techniques which I have used to help my coaching clients. Also I was launching my new coaching brand as I was doing the programme and looking back I can see it helped me to set big targets and reach them.

    Donna de Villiers

    I have had the pleasure of studying with Jeremy, and the NLP he has taught has had a wonderful impact on my personal and professional life.  Jeremy explains NLP in an accessible, easy, manner and for me took away the fluff of the subject.  The practical help on the courses and the smaller classes give you a personal learning environment, perfect for this subject.  I highly recommend Jeremy for anyone interested in NLP.

    Simon Fanning

    I found the course to be enlightening both personally and professionally.  Jeremy’s experience of the corporate world allowed for a real life perspective to be taken and a focused view into NLP and its application in Business and coaching.

    Dave Cordle

    I’ve undertaken three major trainings with Jeremy: NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner and most recently NLP Sports Practitioner. I keep coming back because the training is thorough, ethical and ecological, and it’s academically recognized. As a career coach I work with people at all stages of their career, across levels and across a wide range of industries.

    Dara Caryotis

    I feel privileged to have discovered NLP, it has changed my life. Understanding communication, the impact of language and being able to change unwanted behaviours has been the difference that made the difference for me.  Jeremy is so much more than an NLP Master Trainer.  It is a powerful rewarding experience learning and evolving with Jeremy. I highly recommend studying with Jeremy, one of my best decisions.