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Presentation skills

Presentation Skills with The Lazarus ConsultancyHaving excellent presentation skills is becoming increasingly important for anyone seeking to progress to senior levels in their career. Many people feel uncomfortable, or even fearful, about making presentations. According to The Book of Lists by David Wallechinsky, 41% of people fear public speaking, whereas only 19% of people fear death!

So, if you are a:

  • manager
  • leader
  • director
  • trainer
  • business developer/sales person


  • your career results depend on you being an excellent presenter
  • your results would improve if you were an excellent presenter
  • you experience unhelpful fear, nervousness or anxiety before or during presentations,
  • you want to take your presentation skills to the next level

then read on.

How can we help you?

Our presentation skills training and coaching can help you to:

  • structure a presentation to suit all members of the audience
  • feel calm and confident before and during the presentation
  • know what to do if something unexpected happens during your presentation
  • handle any questions with ease
  • present with poise and charisma
  • present excellently even at short notice.

If you prefer to attend a public course, in addition, we run presentation skills courses that are part of our NLP Trainers Training course.

Our credentials?

Jeremy Lazarus has presented more than 10,000 hours of presentations and training courses – typically 75-100 days per year.

Next steps

For a confidential, no obligations discussion about presentation skills training and coaching for you or people in your organization, contact us.