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  • ‘Coaching for Success’: Changing Beliefs, conversationally

‘Coaching for Success’: Changing Beliefs, conversationally


Changing Beliefs, conversationally:  recorded webinar

Disempowering beliefs can prevent your clients from being, doing and having what they want to be, do and have. Being able to coach your clients to alter disempowering beliefs will make a massive difference to them, help you to feel that you have made a positive difference and increase your chances of getting more clients.

This fifth and final part of our ‘Coaching for Success’ recorded webinar series covers several ways for you to change your clients’ limiting beliefs during a conversation, without needing to do any of the many NLP ‘structured’ belief change techniques.

The whole series of recorded webinars are:

  1. Rapid coaching skills
  2. Improving performance (work & sport)
  3. Managing staff & influencing clients
  4. Taking control of your time
  5. Changing Beliefs, conversationally

£15 per recorded webinar, 4 for £60.
SPECIAL OFFER: Buy the whole series of 5 and pay £61 (saving £14) 

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