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Sales training

Remember: ‘people buy people’.

Sales Training with The Lazarus ConsultancyAlthough this may not always be the whole truth, in many situations the ability of the sales/business development person to create a good bond with the prospective client, or to maintain it with existing clients, is essential in winning sales and growing revenue. For a few people, this is a natural skill; for most others this is a skill that can be enhanced by excellent sales training, especially if it is NLP-based sales training.

In addition, if the sales manager knows how to inspire and motivate their staff, sales will increase.

How can our NLP-based sales training help you?

Because we are experts at NLP training we can train your sales team to:

  • be more effective,
  • create better client relationships through greater understanding,
  • produce higher sales, faster,

and we can train your managers to get the best from your sales team.

More specifically…..

  • what happens inside the mind of every client/customer/prospect
  • the mindset for successful selling
  • build trust and rapport almost instantly with clients
  • communicate in the way your clients prefer
  • understand each client, their motivations and therefore how best to ‘pitch’ to them, just by asking a few simple questions and being able to interpret the responses
  • ‘listen’ between the lines, to gain clues about what the clients really want
  • when bidding for large-scale contracts, some tips about how to prepare for the ‘beauty parades’ and engage the audience, and to feel confident before and during the presentation
  • how sales managers can understand what truly motivates their team, and hence get the best from them.

Our credentials

Because we have been training NLP since 2000, and have run over 10,000 hours of NLP-based training and influencing courses, we are able to create the type of sales training courses that will boost your sales results.

Next steps

For a confidential, no obligations discussion about bespoke selling skills training and coaching for you or your people, contact us now.