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Successful NLP

Successful NLP BookSuccessful NLP is an Amazon UK best-selling NLP book which shows you how NLP techniques can be used across work, sport and relationships.

This book will help you: Achieve your goals faster; Apply NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to all aspects of your life; Communicate and negotiate better; Change negative behaviour and beliefs; Move from good to excellent. All of this comes in an easy-to-digest concise book so you can learn how to use NLP fast.

Written in Crimson Publishing’s SUCCESSFUL way:

  • Clear writing that you can understand
  • Find what you want quickly
  • Recap chapter summarises whole book
  • Tips, exercises and examples

This paperback book has 5 sections, 16 chapters of 247 pages with full reference and glossary.

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Successful NLP is also available from Amazon ( or Crimson Publishing ( or from our on-line NLP Shop.

The Contents of Successful NLP book

Acknowledgements Foreword by Lisa Wake Introduction

Part 1: The Building Blocks for Success

Chapter 1: What is NLP?

Chapter 2: Communication: what happens inside our mind?

Chapter 3: The mindset for success: the fundamental attitudes within NLP

Chapter 4: Your goals: how to set and achieve them

Part 2: Communication – Learning the Many Subtleties

Chapter 5: Getting people on your side: how to build trust with anyone

Chapter 6: How to speak everyone’s language: becoming quad-lingual

Chapter 7: Using language to influence: choosing your words for maximum impact

Part 3: Changing Behaviours – the Nuts and Bolts of NLP

Chapter 8: Being true to yourself: alignment

Chapter 9: How to be in the right state: managing your emotions

Chapter 10: How to really use your brain: changing your responses to situations

Chapter 11: Gaining wisdom: as easy as 1-2-3

Chapter 12: Turning negatives into positives: reframing

Part 4: Gaining Greater Insight into Yourself and Others

Chapter 13: Why people do what they do: values and motivation

Chapter 14: Understanding and influencing behaviour: deep filters

Chapter 15: Quickstart guide: summary of key points

Chapter 16: Using NLP in daily life

Part 5: Appendices

Appendix A: Preferred representational systems questionnaire

Appendix B: Summary of deep filters

Appendix C: NLP training

References and further reading Glossary