UK University neuro-coaching qualifications: course starts soon

Usha Kong

Usha KongUsha Kong is an NLP Master Practitioner and works with The Lazarus Consultancy as a Client Liaison Manager providing course information, guidance and support to new and existing clients

Usha trained with The Lazarus Consultancy and knows first hand how the courses are run and the benefits of Jeremy’s style of delivery.  Having applied what she has learnt to her own businesses, Usha understands the value of studying with an organisation with high standards and is able to share her experience with them.

Usha Kong is a Professional Coach, Trainer, and Consultant working in the field of Education, Business and Entrepreneurship.

Usha spent the first 20 years of her working life in the corporate field – working for the London Stock Exchange and Accenture.  Usha has, over the last 10 years been running her own Coaching and Training Practice.  Usha also provides personal development products and training in education.   Usha works with clients in the areas of Personal Development, Leadership Development and Business Development providing Coaching, Mentoring and NLP services.

In addition, Usha is also the Managing Director of a not-for-profit company providing entrepreneurial and employability training to disengaged and disadvantaged young people to help raise aspiration and confidence.