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The Benefits of NLP

The Benefits of NLP

Because there are numerous benefits of NLP, it is one of the fastest growing tools available to those who want to improve results. These leading edge influencing and communication techniques have been tried and tested by literally hundreds of thousands of people globally with great success. In summary, the key benefits are:

-Improve communication with yourself and others
-Change behaviours, thinking and beliefs
-Replicate excellence

You can find more information about ‘What is NLP?’ here.

At The Lazarus Consultancy we concentrate on the work, coaching and sporting uses of NLP. More specifically, here are some of the many areas of life and work where NLP is used successfully:

Benefits of NLP in business/work

¨      Selling and influencing (customers, suppliers and colleagues)
¨      Managing, coaching and motivating staff (including appraisals)
¨      Negotiation
¨      Conflict/dispute resolution
¨      Interviews
¨      Team work
¨      Leadership
¨      Presentations
¨      Recruiting
¨      Aligning corporate goals and strategy and staff performance
¨      Setting AND achieving goals
¨      Team-building and performance
¨      Corporate communications, advertising and marketing
¨      Strategic planning

Benefits of NLP in coaching

Helping clients to:

¨      Achieve goals
¨      Improve overall fulfilment
¨      Feel more confident
¨      Overcome personal barriers to success

Benefits of NLP in sport

¨      Improve focus and motivation
¨      Conquer nerves and negativity, and improve confidence
¨      Mentally rehearse success
¨      Eliminate negativity
¨      Enhance healing after injury
¨      Improve teamwork
¨      Remove un-useful habits and install useful ones
¨      Return to form quickly after a ‘bad patch’.

Benefits of NLP in education

¨      Learning
¨      Teaching/training
¨      Dealing with learning ‘problems’ e.g. poor spelling

Benefits of NLP in health

Here are some of the benefits that people have seen from using NLP:

¨      Overcoming illness
¨      Weight loss
¨      Anxiety
¨      Allergies
¨      Smoking cessation
¨      Easier childbirth

Please note that NLP is not a substitute for professional medical advice, and that if you have health concerns or questions consult your professional medical adviser.