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In situations such as interviews, presentations, exams, sporting events and potentially challenging meetings at work, many people get in a right state. In this video, Jeremy covers 7 methods that will help you get into the right state instantly, so that you will be able to ‘perform’ to your best.

Performance profiling

One method that elite athletes use to improve performance is known as ‘Performance Profiling’. The same approach can be used at work to improve individual or team performance. Essentially, Performance Profiling involves assessing your current competence level for all of the key skills required to do your job effectively. On this video you will learn how to use this approach (at work or in sport) for yourself, your team and, if you are a coach, for your clients.

Sports Performance Coaching

A shooting star – lessons from an elite athlete Those of you who were closely following the Commonwealth Games will have spotted that 60 year-old Michael Gault won a bronze in the 10 metre Air Pistol event. This was his 18th medal at the Commonwealths, which makes him the Games’ joint-highest medal winner. I’ve had the …