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A shooting star – lessons from an elite athlete Those of you who were closely following the Commonwealth Games will have spotted that 60 year-old Michael Gault won a bronze in the 10 metre Air Pistol event. This was his 18th medal at the Commonwealths, which makes him the Games’ joint-highest medal winner. I’ve had the …

NLP Sports Psychology

NLP and Sports PyschologyThis article builds on the previous article, which showed how the mind affects the body and physical flexibility.

These two exercises can be a useful physical demonstration to help make sports coaches and athletes, and indeed business people aware of the mind-body link.

NLP Sports Psychology

Understanding the mind/body link will help you succeedEveryone involved in the world of NLP, sports psychology & performance coaching knows that the mind and body are linked; changing the way you think influences your thoughts, which impacts on your performance.

This applies to business, sport and life generally. However, not all business people and sports coaches are fully aware of this relationship.