Money coaching (breakthrough coaching)

Would you like to have more money? A silly question? Assuming the answer is YES, our money coaching (or money breakthrough coaching), from Master Executive Coach and ex Finance Director Jeremy Lazarus, can help you achieve you money goals if you:

  • earn commission on sales, and are not reaching the level of income you want or deserve, or your income fluctuates
  • are an entrepreneur / business owner, especially if you’re not good with money
  • a business professional (e.g. accountant, lawyer, surveyor) who is great with your clients challenges and could benefit from someone challenging you!
  • earn a lot, yet spend more than you earn
  • don’t have enough tangible assets to show for your hard work

We take a flexible approach to suit your needs, hence the money coaching could be regluar sessions, ad hoc sessions or an intensive 1 day money breakthrough session (similar to a business performance breakthrough session).

Call us and ask for Jeremy personally to explore in total confidence how he can help you.


I sold an additional £1million of work from 4 sessions with you. Thanks for your help.”

Mr M L., Partner, London firm of chartered accountants

“My turnover increased 30% in 6 months.”

Ms M.G., entrepreneur

“every leader should be lucky enough to have a coach as good as Jeremy.”

Mr S. P., Director, top 5 accountancy and management consultancy practice
Jeremy Lazarus at The Lazarus Consultancy offers Money Coaching to give you empowering beliefs about money
Association for Coaching Master Executive Coach
Professional Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation

How we would work together

From the start, the whole process is completely confidential. We will have a brief phone or Skype conversation to establish if and how money coaching could help you, in order to:

  • identify what you want from the money coaching, and possible ways forward
  • decide whether we wish to go ahead with the money coaching, and the approach we’ll take (e.g. monthly sessions, 1 day intensive money breakthrough)
  • agree an appropriate timetable and structure for the money coaching
  • set ‘parameters’ for the money coaching, for example confidentiality, what the coaching will and will not cover (for example, we are not counsellors or psychotherapists) and interim progress meetings.

Once we agree, we start as soon as possible.

Examples where our money coaching could help you

As well as those situations mentioned at the top of the page, our money coaching will help you if you:

  • have negative and limiting beliefs about money
  • feel that money is in some way ‘dirty’, or ‘bad’, and / or you feel uneasy talking about money
  • waste money, and / or don’t know where your money goes
  • want to feel more motivated to have money and wealth.

Our credentials

Apart from having 17 years of business experience, Jeremy Lazarus has coached since 1999, and is extremely well-qualified:

  • Certified Master Trainer of NLP
  • Accredited Master Executive Coach
  • Professional Certified Coach
  • Masters Degree in Coaching and NLP
  • Assessor (for accredited coach applications) for The Association for Coaching

We use some of the most advanced coaching and NLP techniques available to help you achieve better results, faster.

Indicative costs

Although each coaching arrangement will vary, our prices typically start from £5,000 plus VAT and expenses for 6 sessions, or £2,000 plus VAT and expenses for a 1 day session.

What our students and clients say

Ivona Gordon

Jeremy has a unique approach to bringing out the best in people. He certainly practices what he preaches!  Jeremy is one of a handful of trainers/coaches/practitioners that I would, without any hesitation, recommend to others.  He is knowledgeable, ethical and shows genuine passion for the work he does and how best to serve others.

Mel Larsen

Before doing the NLP course, I had felt I needed more coaching approaches and methodologies. The course gave me a lot of new techniques which I have used to help my coaching clients. Also I was launching my new coaching brand as I was doing the programme and looking back I can see it helped me to set big targets and reach them.

Donna de Villiers

I have had the pleasure of studying with Jeremy, and the NLP he has taught has had a wonderful impact on my personal and professional life.  Jeremy explains NLP in an accessible, easy, manner and for me took away the fluff of the subject.  The practical help on the courses and the smaller classes give you a personal learning environment, perfect for this subject.  I highly recommend Jeremy for anyone interested in NLP.

Simon Fanning

I found the course to be enlightening both personally and professionally.  Jeremy’s experience of the corporate world allowed for a real life perspective to be taken and a focused view into NLP and its application in Business and coaching.

Dave Cordle

I’ve undertaken three major trainings with Jeremy: NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner and most recently NLP Sports Practitioner. I keep coming back because the training is thorough, ethical and ecological, and it’s academically recognized. As a career coach I work with people at all stages of their career, across levels and across a wide range of industries.

Dara Caryotis

I feel privileged to have discovered NLP, it has changed my life. Understanding communication, the impact of language and being able to change unwanted behaviours has been the difference that made the difference for me.  Jeremy is so much more than an NLP Master Trainer.  It is a powerful rewarding experience learning and evolving with Jeremy. I highly recommend studying with Jeremy, one of my best decisions.