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ILM Level 5 and 7 Coaching & Mentoring Qualifications

ILM Level 5 (manager level)

Our highly-practical and professional 6-day ILM Level 5 Certificate in Effective Coaching & Mentoring course offers you advanced coaching skills training and an internationally-recognised coaching qualification, as well as an NLP Diploma. The ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) is the UK’s top leadership and management qualifications specialist; because we are one of their Approved Centres, you know you will be receiving quality training.

ILM Level 7 (senior manager and executive level)

Alternatively our 7 day ILM Level 7 Certificate for Executive and Senior Level Coaches & Mentors, which has one additional day compared to the ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring above, is designed for executive coaches and senior / executive business managers who want to develop their expertise and credibility as a coach or mentor, or to create a coaching culture at work.

Not certain yet which option to choose?

Call us (020 8349 2929, ask for Usha, or Jeremy) to discuss the best option for you. If you want to gain excellent coaching skills to improve your results with your team or clients, and are not yet ready to do a full ILM qualification, ask us about other options for our ILM Recognised coach training courses, where you will still learn these invaluable coaching skills to enhance your career / business.

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ilm Approved Centre - our courses meet the requirements of the Institute of Leadership and Management

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Why do one of our ILM coach training courses?

The Lazarus Consultancy Why Do This Course?

Overall benefits

  • the ILM‘s qualifications and certificates are very credible internationally
  • because the courses have been vetted by ILM, and because we are an ILM Approved Centre, you can feel reassured that you will receive high quality training
  • as there are various levels, you can choose the one that suits your ambitions and current circumstances, and upgrade later if you would like to
  • the course will be delivered by Jeremy Lazarus, a former Finance Director and highly qualified coach, who will personally help you link the classroom training to your own work situation
  • the course also includes an NLP Diploma, so you receive a 2 in 1 training. The NLP communication, influencing and behaviour-changing skills are incredibly valuable when coaching.
  • as well as the re-assurance of attending an approved ILM training, we offer you a money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose and a huge amount to gain.

Benefits for coaches, consultants and trainers

  • become more effective as a coach, and hence charge more
  • win more high-level business because you’ll have a qualification that is recognised internationally as well as even greater skills
  • be more credible and more confident as a coach
  • learn how to coach clients or colleagues even in a brief session.

Benefits for managers / senior managers

  • improve your confidence as a coach, and learn new coaching skills to draw the best out of your team.
  • enhance your career prospects. If you can get the best from your team, you will always be in demand as a manager.
  • learn how to coach and mentor colleagues effectively in a session lasting just a few minutes, even if you don’t know anything about their specific situation
  • for executives / senior managers, discover how coaching and mentoring fits into the strategic aspects of an organisation.

Benefits for employers

  • improve business results through having an excellent coaching culture
  • your coaches and mentors will have the skills and knowledge to create excellent business results
  • create a more positive working environment, hence reducing staff turnover and increasing staff engagement.

What you will learn

The course is specifically designed for you to learn excellent coaching skills, and to gain the ILM Coaching & Mentoring qualification. For more information about the specific course content, please visit either

and scroll down to the ‘What you will learn’ section.

Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions about our ILM Approved Coaching and Mentoring courses, please call us on 020 8349 2929, and ask for Usha or Jeremy. If you prefer, you can look for answers to frequently asked questions on following pages:

and scroll down to the ‘frequently asked questions’ section.

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