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What is NLP?


Many people ask, “What is NLP?” NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a set of skills and tools that improve how you communicate and influence. These skills also help you to understand yourself and others better, so that you can improve your results and help other to do improve theirs.

NLP was developed in the 1970’s mainly by John Grinder and Richard Bandler, with input from others (for example, Frank Pucelik). The key principle is that if someone is excellent at what they do and you ‘model’ them (i.e. replicate their thoughts and actions), then you too can achieve excellence, or at the very least improve your performance.

Because NLP is so effective, it is one of the fastest growing tools available if you want to improve results. So it is not a surprise that NLP techniques have been used by literally hundreds of thousands of people globally with great success.

What is NLP You Tube Video

What is NLP explained by Jeremy Lazarus

Definitions of NLP

The question ‘What is NLP?’ has been answered by numerous NLP trainers and authors in several ways.  Because we focus on the practical uses of NLP in work, coaching and sport, the definitions we prefer are:

  • How to use the language of your mind (Neuro-Linguistic) to change any programmes (or patterns) of behaviour that are not useful, so that you can have more of what you want (i.e. your goals) and less of what you don’t want (the things that stop you from achieving your goals).
  • How to use the language of your mind to programme yourself for success and bettter results.
  • A series of tools, techniques, approaches and attitudes with three main benefits:

-Improves communication with yourself and others
-Changes behaviours, thinking and beliefs
-Replicates excellence

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