There are 10 easy things you can do to be more successful!

Learn how to use every NLP technique when coaching, so that you’ll be able to use NLP easily when coaching your clients. Many NLP Practitioners seek to use NLP when coaching, without having a coaching model or framework to use. This video will explain an NLP coaching model that Jeremy has been using and teaching very …

For many candidates, going to an interview can feel quite challenging, or perhaps even daunting. In this video, Jeremy covers 6 tips that will help you prepare for interviews, (or if you are a coach, to help you help your clients to prepare). Some of these tips are obvious, and most are not.

Whether as a professional coach, or a line manager taking a coaching approach with your team, setting the ground rules is essential for an effective coaching relationship. In this video, Jeremy explains why this is important, some of the key points to cover in the initial coaching conversation (‘Chemistry’ session) and in the ‘contract’ / agreement with your coaching clients.