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Business Training

In-house business training

We offer a variety of in-house business trainings to help you and your team to transform your results.

The trainings include coaching skills, influencing skills and enhancing personal effectiveness.


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In-house corporate training

In-house Corporate TrainingIf you recognise any of the following challenges / opportunities in your business, then I would be delighted to have an ‘blank page’ conversation with you.

  • Low employee engagement
  • Your sales team could do even better
  • Your managers are not getting the best from their team
  • You want to benchmark the leadership skills of your leadership team, or individual members
  • You’d like to present to audiences even more effectively

I have worked and consulted in most types of organisations, and seen most types of challenges that relate to people. Please contact us for to set up the first call / meeting.

Jeremy Lazarus
• Ex Finance Director, management consultant & corporate treasurer
• Master Executive Coach
• NLP Master Trainer
• Masters’ Degree in Coaching & NLP
• Ex semi-pro footballer

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