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In-house corporate training

For most people the workplace has steadily become more competitive and stressful. We can show you how to ratchet upwards your performance and that of your team or department.

“Jeremy, I have had nothing but positive feedback following your talk. You presented in a manner that was both humorous and entertaining, while still getting your message across to such a large cohort. They can be a tough audience to say the least, but you completely captured them with your energy, your conviction and the undeniable relevance of your message.” 

Michaela Sten, Lecturer, University College London

Our NLP-based in-house corporate training courses will train you to be able to excel in the following business areas relating to:

  • internal communication (with staff and colleagues),
  • external communications (with customers, clients and suppliers)
  • work processes
  1. management of staff
  2. team-building
  3. leadership
  4. human resources, recruitment and interviewing
  5. training
  6. coaching
  7. sales, business development and account management
  8. marketing and advertising
  9. liaison with clients, customers, patients and other service users
  10. procurement
  11. negotiation
  12. presentations
  13. resolving conflicts and misunderstandings
  14. consultancy, including change management
  15. improved decision-making
  16. creative problem-solving.
In-house Corporate Training

The Lazarus Consultancy in-house corporate training – video coming soon

Training areas

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