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AC accredited coach training overview

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In 2014 the Association for Coaching (AC) introduced four levels of AC accredited coach training, partly in order to help coaches select courses that meets the AC’s standards. Here are the four levels, with some explanation below.

We are proud to say that we have met AC’s rigorous standards and are able to provide Accredited Coach Training at each of these four levels (we were the first organisation in the world to achieve this, and at the time of writing, the only such training provider). Also, if you successfully complete one of these courses, it will support your application to become an AC Accredited Coach. For more details about the AC’s coach accreditation programme, visit

We have based the four AC accredited coach training courses on our existing NLP courses. So, if you successfully complete any of our four certificated NLP training courses, you will have covered most of the training you need in order to achieve the level of AC Accredited Coach Training you want. Each of the four pages (AACT, ACCT, ADCT and AADCT) explain clearly how to achieve the qualification, and how each course builds on the NLP course. For a summary of the information, please click here, and do contact us if you have questions about this.

In summary,

NLP course + some private study and practice => Accredited Coach Training,

Accredited Coach Training + other elements of the AC’s Accredited Coach application process => Accredited Coach.