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Values Elicitation

Values ElicitationToday’s NLP Practice group in London, for people who have completed their NLP Practitioner training, NLP Master Practitioner training and NLP Trainers training, covered four main topics.  In addition, two of the 12 attendees had the opportunity to receive some tips and coaching in a coaching circle.
The topics were:

  • Values Elicitation
  • Using Perceptual Positions in groups
  • Identifying whether people are ‘Towards’ or ‘Away from’ simply by listening to their language
  • Neuro-logical Levels,
The Lazarus Consultancy Ltd NLP Practice Group

NLP Practice GroupSaturday’s NLP Practice group was particularly vibrant and creative.

Whilst we usually cover three or four specific NLP topics, on Saturday we covered five

New skills

Learn new skills at our NLP Practice Groups

  • “Really useful, productive and enjoyable. Good session dynamic!”
  • “As usual it was an excellent morning. I thought it worked very well with the mixture of practice, coaching and discussion of a coaching issue.”
  • “Excellent practice group, Jeremy. Thank you.”
  • “I feel very rusty so was good to make a start again.”