Notes from NLP Practice Group 1 February 2014

Notes from NLP Practice Group 1 February 2014

Notes from NLP Practice Group with 15 Attendees

Topics Covered:

  1. New Behaviour Generator. Using Eye Patterns and related questions to help the client gain insights about how to make changes.
  2. Neuro-Logical Levels, in the context of becoming an even better, more aligned and more congruent leader. Some delegates chose to use other contexts, such as ‘manager’ and ‘coach’ rather than ‘leader.
  3. Time Lines: For setting goals, creating future success, taking resources from the past and ‘beaming’ them to the present (an alternative to a ‘Resource Anchor’).
  4. Pre-intervention questions: The 5 questions to ask that will make your NLP interventions easier, more ecological and almost guarantee successful interventions.
  5. At the end, there was a 10-15 minute coaching session using the GROW model as a structure.

 Key learnings and insights:

  1. This can be really useful for clients who ‘aren’t very good at visualising’, partly because there is an element of ‘Overlapping Representational Systems’ here. In addition to the Auditory Digital, Visual Construct and Kinaesthetic sequence, an element of Auditory (probably Auditory Construct) can be introduced to suit the client’s preferences.
  2. As well as the standard ‘walking up and walking down the levels’, which are organised in a straight line, the 6 Neuro-Logical Levels (including Mission/ Purpose/ Beyond Identity) can be arranged in a circle. Master Practitioner Nick Taylor asked his client to go into the middle of the circle having visited all 6 levels, which the client found to be extremely powerful and useful.
  3. The different uses of Time Lines for future success (as opposed to clearing past-based ‘baggage’) outlined above were used by different attendees. Those who used the ‘beaming resources’ process found it extremely powerful.
  4. The ‘pre-intervention questions’ is a topic we teach on our courses. It was useful revision for those who have studied with me, and an eye-opener for those who had not.
  5. Those who did the coaching were delighted (and in some cases, astounded) at how much they could achieve in a very brief coaching session.

The next NLP Practice Groups are on Saturday 29th March, 21st June and 11th October 2014, from 9.30 am to 1.30 pm. Open to all NLP Practitioners and above. £25 in advance, £30 on the door. Click here for more information.

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