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ILM Level 5 Certificate in Effective Coaching & Mentoring 2022
Module 1: Tue 22 – Wed 23 Mar
Module 2: Tue 5 – Wed 6 Apr
Module 3: Tue 26 – Wed 27 Apr
9.30am - 5.45pm

On-line (Zoom) - wherever you are!

£2,350 (plus VAT if reclaimable)

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Overview of ILM Level 5 Certificate in Effective Coaching & Mentoring / ILM Recognised Advanced Coaching Skills

This highly-practical and professional ILM Level 5 Certificate in Effective Coaching & Mentoring course (incorporating an NLP Diploma training course) offers you advanced coaching skills training and an internationally-recognised coaching qualification. The training course lasts 6 days in three short modules, plus we offer 12 months of support afterwards (18 months for the Level 5 Diploma) to help you do the post-course assignments. The ILM is one of the UK’s top leadership and management qualifications bodies; as we are one of their Approved Centres, you know you will be receiving quality training.

If you would like to do this training but do not want to do assignments required for the full qualification (yet), you can choose just the 6-day classroom training, or if you would like some tangible evidence, you can choose an ILM Recognised Advanced Coaching Skills version (explained in the FAQs below). And whichever option you choose includes an NLP Diploma training course.

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ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring Course will take your coaching skills to the next level

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Why do this course?

The Lazarus Consultancy Why Do This Course?

Overall benefits

  • the ILM‘s qualifications and certificates are very credible internationally
  • because the course has been vetted by ILM, and because we are an ILM Approved Centre, you can feel re-assured that you will receive high-quality training
  • as there are various levels, you can choose the one that suits your ambitions and current circumstances, and upgrade later if you would like to
  • the course will be delivered by Jeremy Lazarus, an ex-Finance Director and highly-qualified coach, who will personally help you link the classroom training to your own situation

Benefits for managers and senior managers

  • enhance your career prospects, because great managers will always be in demand
  • improve your confidence to coach your team at work
  • learn coaching skills to draw the best out of your team, by telling less and asking more
  • learn how to coach colleagues even if you don’t know anything about their specific role, or if it’s a brief session

Benefits for business coaches, consultants and trainers

  • become more effective as a coach, and hence charge more
  • win more business because you have an internationally-recognised qualification and even greater skills
  • be more credible and hence improve your confidence as a coach
  • learn how to coach effectively even during a brief session

Benefits for sports coaches

  • help your athletes cope with ‘pressure’, because it’s all in the mind!
  • get your message across to athletes and team-mates, quickly
  • improve your career prospects in sport
  • learn how to coach athletes effectively even during a brief session

What you will learn

The course will teach you advanced coaching skills as well as how to gain the ILM Level 5 Certificate.

Module 1

The foundation principles and key NLP techniques

  • An overview of how people think, and hence why they respond the way they do
  • Why communication goes well and why it doesn’t, and what to do about it
  • The Mindset for Success and Excellence, so that you can greatly increase your chances of success
  • How to observe people’s subtle responses, which is a key for great NLP and coaching work
  • Build rapport, so that you gain trust. This is the basis for any successful relationship at work and outside
  • Change the way you communicate, so that it suits your audience
  • How to coach with NLP. You’ll see how every NLP topic fits into a coaching framework. Just as importantly, you’ll learn how to recognise when NLP and/or coaching should NOT be used, and how to respond. You will also learn how to ‘contract’ with clients, so that the coaching sessions are on a professional footing.
  • Learn the goal-setting secrets of successful businesspeople and athletes
  • See other points of view, which is a core skill of successful people
  • Feel at your best instantly, so you can perform at your best.

Module 2

Understanding yourself and others

Module 3

Core Coaching Skills

  • How to coach effectively in a 10-20 minute session
  • Learn at least 5 types and models of coaching
  • How to coach in different contexts, for example personal, work, fitness and sport, even if you know nothing about the area.
  • Find out how to complete your assignments to move towards your ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring.

Please note that we may adjust the content depending on exact timings.

Frequently asked questions

NLP Training with The Lazarus Consultancy

ILM requirements for the ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring

There are three main parts of the ILM syllabus.

  • Classroom training. This is the 6 days described above.
  • Coaching/mentoring practice. ILM require 18 hours with 2-3 clients for ILM Level 5 Certificate in Effective Coaching & Mentoring, and 54 hours with 6-9 clients for ILM Level 5 Diploma. We usually ask that you start your hours once the face to face training has ended, so that you are able to use all the skills learned on the course.  We will give you one hour of coach supervision by phone for the Certificate or three hours of coach supervision by phone for the Diploma.
  • Written assignments. ILM require three written papers. In summary, the first paper is about the theory of coaching and mentoring, the second is about the coaching / mentoring practice (18 hours for the Certificate, 60 hours for The Diploma), and the third is about your reflections on what you learned. The guideline word-count is roughly 8,000 to 11,000 in all. The ILM registration period lasts 3 years, and we recommend that you complete the ILM Level 5 Certificate within 6 months (the Diploma takes slightly longer as there are more coaching hours). Included in the price is 12 months’ support from us for the Certificate (18 months for the Diploma); if you have not successfully completed the qualification within this timeframe, you will need to apply to us for additional support, for which there will be a charge of a minimum of £500. ILM provides three documents to help you write each paper, and we will explain this during the course.

What does 'Level 5 ' and 'Level 7' mean?

This is based on the UK Government’s National Qualification Framework. As mentioned in this ILM document, Level 5 roughly equates to the level of the first year or two of a Batchelors Degree, and Level 7 roughly equates to Masters’ Degree level.

How will you learn all this in 6 days?

For each topic you will first learn the key theory and background. Then you will see a demonstration and do an exercise to put it into practice. Finally, you will discuss how to apply the learnings in your life and work. There will be numerous coaching exercises, and you will learn different coaching approaches to use for different clients. The trainers and the coaching assistants will be there to give you feedback and support to improve your skills.

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