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Money, 5 blocks to wealth

Jeremy Lazarus talks about money, or more specifically the five reasons why people don’t have as much money as they would like. Jeremy, a former finance director who has been a business coach and an NLP trainer since 1999, also gives you some tips about what you can do to overcome these five reasons, and move towards having the financial prosperity you and your family want. If you are a coach, these tips will help you to help your clients.

NLP Sports Practitioner course

Overcoming limiting beliefs with NLP
Previous articles have covered topics such as the mindset for success and defining prosperity for ourselves (including defining your life purpose, and setting and achieving goals).

This article covers how to deal with one particular type of obstacle that you may find en route towards your success.

The mindset for success

The Mindset for Success: a key to achieving your goal(s)Those who have worked in the coaching, NLP and personal development world usually find that people who are successful, regardless of which particular field, tend to have a positive mind-set which incorporates a certain set of beliefs and attitudes.

So, once you have set your goal(s), it is important that you approach the journey towards achieving them in a positive way. Here are some of these useful beliefs.