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Learn how to use every NLP technique when coaching, so that you’ll be able to use NLP easily when coaching your clients. Many NLP Practitioners seek to use NLP when coaching, without having a coaching model or framework to use. This video will explain an NLP coaching model that Jeremy has been using and teaching very …

In situations such as interviews, presentations, exams, sporting events and potentially challenging meetings at work, many people get in a right state. In this video, Jeremy covers 7 methods that will help you get into the right state instantly, so that you will be able to ‘perform’ to your best.

Making presentations is something that is increasingly necessary as we progress in our career or business, and for many people, it is a source of stress and uncertainty. One element of stress and uncertainty is how to structure the presentation. In this video, Jeremy explains a tried and trusted method that you can use to structure almost any presentation so that it meets the needs and wants of your audience.