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Overcoming obstacles with NLP

Overcoming obstacles and staying focussedThis article covers how to overcome some obstacles to your success, and some tips to stay focussed.

For many people, even the naturally positive and focussed, there are usually obstacles and distractions on our journey towards achieving goals.

Values Elicitation

Values ElicitationToday’s NLP Practice group in London, for people who have completed their NLP Practitioner training, NLP Master Practitioner training and NLP Trainers training, covered four main topics.  In addition, two of the 12 attendees had the opportunity to receive some tips and coaching in a coaching circle.
The topics were:

  • Values Elicitation
  • Using Perceptual Positions in groups
  • Identifying whether people are ‘Towards’ or ‘Away from’ simply by listening to their language
  • Neuro-logical Levels,
NLP Sports Practitioner course

Overcoming limiting beliefs with NLP
Previous articles have covered topics such as the mindset for success and defining prosperity for ourselves (including defining your life purpose, and setting and achieving goals).

This article covers how to deal with one particular type of obstacle that you may find en route towards your success.