UK University neuro-coaching qualifications: course starts soon


We are in the process of creating The Lazarus Foundation, whose purpose is to make available to every parent and teacher on the planet, free of charge, leading-edge educational information (both NLP-based and non-NLP) to assist them to nuture and develop the next and subsequent generations even more effectively.


I, Jeremy Lazarus, have noticed on countless occasions on training courses, in coaching sessions and from listening to fellow helping professionals the impact of un-helpful language and behaviour by parents and teachers, who whilst absolutely having a positive intention may lack:

  • The understanding of how language can deeply impact young children
  • The ability to manage their own emotions when under pressure

I have seen the lives of numerous clients and students shaped by the unintended negativity of parents and teachers.

I have decided to create The Lazarus Foundation, which over time will collate and develop relevant materials for parents and teachers, and make them available free of charge on-line on a specially-developed website.

The Lazarus Consultancy Ltd will donate to The Lazarus Foundation 1% of the revenue for every person referred onto one of our courses, plus a proportion of annual profits.