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Overview We have created a series of 5 webinars on the theme of ‘Coaching for Success’. Each webinar lasts one hour, and will offer you highly practical coaching tips plus the opportunity for you to practice what we cover each session. You can buy the one(s) that most interest you, or you can buy all …

In situations such as interviews, presentations, exams, sporting events and potentially challenging meetings at work, many people get in a right state. In this video, Jeremy covers 7 methods that will help you get into the right state instantly, so that you will be able to ‘perform’ to your best.

A simple formula to improve you results

Achieving desired results is an essential aspect of a fulfilled life. Whilst achieving meaningful goals may not always be easy, there are approaches you can use to improve your results. On this video you will learn what to focus on to improve your chances of success, whether in work, sport or life generally.