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Overview of business performance breakthrough sessions

The business performance breakthrough process is a 1 day, intensive face to face coaching session. We have designed it to help you go beyond the perceived blocks that have prevented you from being as successful as you would like in your career or business, so that you can:

  • make the amount of money and success you want
  • gain the promotion you want and truly deserve, hence fulfilling your career potential
  • have the business you want.

Although we focus on your business/work/career, the process has significant benefits in all areas of your life, such as health and fitness, relationships and sport.


I feel like a new woman, really grounded and purposeful, indeed ready to go forward with intent and can-do-it-ness.”

Mrs J. C., teacher

“Thank you for an amazing experience. I have felt like a different person since.”

Mrs V.A., coach, trainer & consultant

“….. phenomenal ..allowed me to free a deep limiting belief, leading to an experience of ‘confidence’ … totally unlike how I’d imagined it to be, and far more authentic.”

Ms N. H., coach, trainer, facilitator
Jeremy Lazarus Coaching

Key Information

Why have a performance breakthrough session?

  • make a quantum leap in performance
  • realize your true potential, personally, professionally, in sports and financially
  • improve your mental toughness
  • finally remove that nagging issue which holds you back
  • because these sessions have been done tens of thousands of times, with Breakthrough results!

How much would that be worth to you (or your organisation if you are responsible for their performance) to remove any personal barriers to success?


How do we do it?

The questions that the coach asks have been specially designed and refined to provide the foundation for the Breakthrough to happen. These questions, as well as our experience of doing this, lead to you realising what the key issue really is. The ‘change work’ we then do is relatively straight-forward, and results in you having a life-enhancing experience.


What is involved?

Once you and the coach have agreed that the Performance Breakthrough Session is the most appropriate way to provide results quickly, the coach will ask you to answer some pre-session questions.

Typically the Performance Breakthrough Session lasts 5-7 hours, and is done either in one day or two half-day sessions in quick succession.

During the first part of the process the coach asks you a series of questions, including how would you know undeniably by the end of the session that you had had your Breakthrough. The main purpose of the questions is to get to the heart of the issue.

In the second part, we look to remove the issue(s), using mainly NLP techniques. We continue until you know undeniably that you have had your Breakthrough.


What next?

Have a look at some of the testimonials that delighted Breakthrough Session clients have given.

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