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Sports Performance Coaching

Testimonials from some of our sports clients:

Jeremy Lazarus Performance Coaching

Michael Gault OBE, England and Great Britain pistol shooting team, winner of 18 Commonwealth Games medals.

“I have been working with Jeremy Lazarus to improve the mental aspects of my pistol shooting since 2011, soon after I came out of retirement in an attempt to become the most decorated Commonwealth Games athlete ever. At the time I had 17 medals, and needed just one more to equal the Games’ record.

Coming back into such a precision sport in my late 50s was always going to be a challenge, especially as I have always had a full-time job and would be competing against full-time shooters. Jeremy helped me to make the transition back into top-level sport. In particular, Jeremy helped me to:

  • maintain my focus and concentration, even when the pressure was really on (and believe me, the pressure was really on at times!)
  • stay calm and relaxed before and during competitions
  • overcome several disappointments, including the (unrealistic) expectation that I would be able to shoot at my best soon after my return to shooting
  • put things in perspective.

With Jeremy’s support, guidance and knowledge I was able to handle the intense pressure of being 60 and going into my final Commonwealth Games (Glasgow 2014), knowing that it was ‘now or never’. Although I did not shoot particularly well in the qualifying round, I managed to reach the final, and Jeremy helped me to really focus and relax before the final and win the coveted 18th medal (a bronze) to equal the record.

Without Jeremy’s expert help I’m not sure I would have won the medal in Glasgow.”

Stewart Nangle, England and Great Britain pistol shooting team member

“Jeremy Lazarus has been working with me since 2012 and has helped me with the mental side of pistol shooting. As a member of the England and Great Britain pistol shooting team, being able to handle the mental side of shooting is essential to success. He has taught me techniques that have helped me to:

  • stay calm when the pressure is on (which it usually is),
  • mentally rehearse successfully dealing with difficult challenges during competitions, so that they’re easy to handle if they arise
  • stay focussed and alert despite the many possible distractions.

 This has led to me:

  • qualify for, and come 5th in, the finals of the 2014 Commonwealth Games
  • be able to shoot at my best in the Commonwealth Games despite various personal challenges which could otherwise have led to me losing focus

Jeremy is very easy to work with, makes complex topics simple to use and is totally trustworthy. He seems to know the right thing to say at the right time. I am truly grateful for his input.”

It is commonly accepted that winning the mental side of sport is as essential as the physical side. Numerous top athletes say this makes the difference between winning and losing.

We offer NLP High Performance Sports Coaching to help provide athletes of all levels to improve their performance, giving them that vital edge.

What are the benefits of sports performance coaching?

Some of the key benefits are as follows:

  • Improved self-confidence
  • Getting into the optimum state before and during the event
  • Mental toughness
  • Increased motivation
  • Improved training

Ultimately, this leads to better performance.

How do we do this?

The coach will use appropriate NLP techniques to:

  • Identify appropriate goals (outcome, performance and process goals)
  • identify and resolve issues holding the athlete back
  • allow the athlete/player induce an optimum state before and during performance
  • mentally rehearse the processes needed to achieve a successful outcome
  • identify the difference that makes the difference

Sports Performance Coaching

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