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Coaching Benefits

realistic goal-settingThis month’s blog focuses on the benefits of coaching for everyone involved in the process.  If you’ve been considering a career-change, then read on for evidence of the positive impact coaching can have on individuals and on coaches. 

Values elicitation, understanding motivations

What the world of work will look like in the future is subject of great conjecture and debate. 

What is becoming apparent is that the traditional skills that we learnt in formal education are not enough to prepare us for the challenges presented by our evolving digital economy and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  

Taking control of you time

TimeforChangePrevious articles have covered the topics the mindset for success, what does prosperity mean to you (including defining your life purpose, and setting and achieving goals), and overcoming limiting beliefs.

This article covers one obstacle that many people face en route towards success – how to best use the 168 hours they have each week.

In my experience in the personal development industry since 1997, the ability to manage time is a key factor in how successful someone is.