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Employee engagement

Recent research shows overwhelmingly that employee engagement has a huge impact on the performance of any organisation. Employee engagement is impacted both by the actions of leaders/directors, and line managers. As The MacLeod Report stated:

‘People join organisations but they leave managers’ (Engaging for Success: enhancing performance through employee engagement. A report to Government. Page 80).

Employee Engagement Courses with The Lazarus ConsultancyHow can we help you to improve employee engagement?

Our existing NLP-based training courses equip managers with skills to engage their staff and employees more effectively. We can create bespoke courses specifically aimed at enhancing employee engagement. These can last from as little as ½ day to several days, depending on your specific requirements.

In particular, we have developed a straight-forward and easily replicable approach to employee engagement. This will have almost every staff member feeling truly engaged and motivated to work for their manager, almost to the point of running through a brick wall for them!

Our credentials

We have trained thousands of people in NLP-based skills, including the three key elements of our core employee engagement trainings (understanding what makes every human being tick, building trust, and understanding what motivates each individual employee). One very senior and experienced HR professional said after this element of our training,

“if every manager knew and used this it would transform British industry.” Heather, HR director, multi-national food manufacturer

Next steps

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