Lessons from a 10 year old

Lessons from a 10 year oldMany parents say that they learn from their children. Here’s an inspiring story that can be a lesson for us all.

I was reading an email from internet marketer Mark Anastasi (www.laptopmillionaire.tv) recently. Mark had an article from Dr Wayne Dyer, a well-known personal development author. Wayne was telling a story about a 10 year old he came across whilst walking through Central Park recently.  The 10 year-old was juggling and doing tricks, making about US$200 (£125, €150) per day and Wayne was curious enough to ask the boy what he was doing. The boy described in some detail his family’s tough financial circumstances, and that he had decided that he needed to make money to support his family. Wayne was impressed by the talent and creativity of the boy, and asked where he learned to do all these tricks. The boy replied that he simply used Google.

Whilst some people may see this as a ‘nice’ story, there are a few lessons here for us all.


  1. If we’re motivated enough, we can do far more than most people think is possible, and perhaps far more than we ourselves think is possible.
  2. We can learn new skills quickly.
  3. There is enough information available (through the internet and related sources) if we want to look for it.
  4. There is no need for people to accept poverty in the Western world. If you can find out what people want or need, and provide it for them at an acceptable price, you’ll make money.

I’m sure you can think of some more lessons – feel free to comment on this blog with your thoughts.

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