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NLP for Business Success
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9.30am - 5.30pm

Danubius Hotel, St Johns Wood, London

£197 standard version (£147 if booked 1 month before course)
£297 ILM Recognised
plus VAT if reclaimable.

The FAQs explain the ILM options

Overview of our NLP for Business Success / ILM Recognised Communication & Personal Effectiveness Skills course

The benefits of this course

When you attend NLP for Business Success, our 1 day NLP introduction course (which also leads to an ILM Recognised Communication & Personal Effectiveness Skills certificate), you will learn how to:

  • sell more, and influence more effectively
  • make promotion and career success far more likely because you’ll know how to manage people so well that they will be queuing up to work for you
  • make better choices and decisions, for example, about your career
  • develop your resilence, which you can use for the rest of your career

You can also download the video of this course, click here for more details.

The ILM is one of the UK’s top leadership and management qualifications bodies, so you know you will be receiving quality training.

Please see the FAQs below for details about the your ILM Recognition options.

Why attend this course?

  • Learn the essential mindset skills that will serve you forever and hugely improve your business and career results, guaranteed!
  • Learn from Jeremy Lazarus, a former Finance Director and now NLP Master Trainer
  • Have the option to do the ILM Recognised version of the course
  • Know that you’l receive training which meets ILM’s quality, even if you choose the standard version.

Worth £10,000 per annum to Mark N., and £100,000 to Rob T.

How much will it be worth to you?

Special Offer: bring a guest half price.

NLP for Business Success You Tube Video

NLP for Business Success with The Lazarus Consultancy

What you will learn

The course content

  • Communication: why it goes well and why it doesn’t, and what you can do about it
  • The Mindset for Success and Excellence, so that you can massively increase your chances of success in all areas of your life, forever
  • Build rapport and gain trust, the key to any successful business relationship
  • How to alter your communication style in order to connect with any audience
  • Find out what motivates people, so that you can influence them with integrity, make better decisions and manage them more effectively
  • Set achievable goals: learn the goal-setting secrets of successful businesspeople and athletes
  • See other points of view so that you can influence more effectively
  • How to feel at your best instantly, so you can perform at your best.

Frequently asked questions

NLP Training with The Lazarus Consultancy

How can a 1-day course be so beneficial?

The NLP techniques and communication skills that you will learn on NLP for Business Success are powerful, and have been used by hundreds of thousands of people to achieve better results faster. This course has been specifically designed to teach you the most useful elements that could be taught in a one day course for business and personal effectiveness.

The course is taught by Jeremy Lazarus, a Master Trainer of NLP and a former finance director and management consultant. Because of his experience, he will be able to personally help you to apply the NLP techniques to you work, career or business.

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What does ‘ILM Recognised’ mean? (see FAQs, Section 4)
How is the course structured? (see FAQs, Section 3)

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