‘Being in the right state’ from the NLP Sports Practitioner video course

‘Being in the right state’ from the NLP Sports Practitioner video course

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These seven videos, taken from the full recording of a live NLP Sports Practitioner course, cover several ways to be / get in the right state and to help others to do the same, essential for effective sports performance. These videos will help you to:

  • Prepare for an important match or competition
  • Mentally rehearse events/situations in matches (especially track 18)
  • Calm down, or psyche up, before or during an event
  • As a coach, make sure that you are in the right state so that your athletes stay in the right state
  • Remove negative associations with particular sporting venues, people or places
  • Be in the right state for various work-related situations such as interviews, presentations and meetings.

Once you have purchased the videos, you can watch them in a place and time that suits you, and refer to the downloadable extract from the full manual.

This section from our NLP Sports Practitioner course is for athletes, sports coaches and sports performance coaches who want to improve their results in sport. It’s also relevant for NLP Practitioners, business coaches, executive coaches and life coaches, and people who know that being in a peak state will help them at work.

You can access to the videos initially on our members only site. There is a full 30-day money-back guarantee (so it’s risk-free), after which you can download them to your own device for offline viewing, or you can download them sooner if you waive your right to a full refund before the 30 day period.

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