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  • ‘Coaching with NLP’ from the NLP Sports Practitioner video course

‘Coaching with NLP’ from the NLP Sports Practitioner video course


This video covers how NLP can be used when coaching. Whilst NLP is not the same as coaching, this video (taken from the NLP Sports Practitioner live training course) explains clearly how you can use any and every NLP topic whilst coaching, and includes:


  • Setting a coaching agreement (‘contracting’)

  • Setting the framework for the coaching relationship

  • How to incorporate all of NLP into the GROW coaching model

  • How to help your clients overcome obstacles and move onwards even quicker when coaching with NLP.

Once you have purchased the video, you can watch it in a place and time that suits you, and refer to the downloadable extract from the full manual.

This section from our NLP Sports Practitioner course is for athletes, sports coaches and sports performance coaches who want to improve their results in sport. It’s also highly relevant for NLP Practitioners, business coaches, executive coaches and life coaches.

You can access to the video initially on our members only site. There is a full 30-day money-back guarantee (so it’s risk-free), after which you can download it to your own device for offline viewing, or you can download it sooner if you waive your right to a full refund before the 30 day period.