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Core Coaching Skills video course


 This Core Coaching Skills video course is for mainly for:

  • Professional coaches (e.g. life, business, executive, performance and team coaches)
  • Internal coaches
  • NLP professionals (e.g. Practitioners, Master Practitioners)
  • HR professionals and managers who use coaching approaches and methods
  • Healthcare and other professionals who would like to be able to change the mindset of colleagues, clients or patients

who want to learn great coaching skills. So, whether you are a professional coach or a manager / leader taking a coaching approach with your team, you will be able to:

  • Coach your clients to achieve better results faster, and be more successful
  • Improve the performance of the people who report to you
  • Be more successful yourself (great coaches get lots of referrals, great managers lead high-performing teams and progress further in their career)

Whether you have attended our live ‘Core Coaching Skills’ course or not, you can purchase a recording of our previous live trainings so that you can review the material or learn it in a time and place to suit you. 

The ‘Core Coaching Skills’ video course is a recording of two live training courses; 

  1. the foundation course (one day), which took place in 2018 in a conference room, plus some inserted tracks from an earlier NLP introduction course
  2. the main course (two days), which took place in November 2020 on Zoom.

The course comprises 44 tracks (and two downloadable manuals), typically ranging from around 5 minutes to 25 minutes, so that you can watch the programme in chunks to suit you. The whole programme lasts just under 11 hours. It covers all the key material from the live training, and focuses on the key coaching skills and methods, and how to use them to improve your ability as a coach. 

You will initially be able to access the videos on a private members only area. Your purchase is Guaranteed and completely risk-free for 30 days (you can get a refund if it’s not suitable).

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