The Six Principles for Success

Take action to achieve the 6 principles for successThe 6 Principles for Success

  1. Know what you want and set goals BEFORE starting any task (whether its the 5 year business plan or what you are doing in the gym today).
  2. Take feedback.  Observe what’s happening.  Are you on track to achieve your goal (in step 1)?
  3. Be flexible.  If the feedback and results suggest you’re not on track, be flexible and change what you’re doing or the way you’re doing it.
  4. Build and maintain good relations with people along the way.  Rarely can we achieve great things without other people’s help.
  5. Have a positive mental attitude and use positive body language.  Believe it will happen and act like it will happen.
  6. Take the appropriate action.  If necessary, take LOTS of appropriate action.  If you do nothing, you’ll get nothing.
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