Training Agreement

Please find below the TRAINING PARTICIPANT AGREEMENT form.  Given that occasionally NLP Training and Coaching courses raise emotional issues in attendees, we are taking the responsible step of making your agreement to these terms a condition of booking, to help ensure that the course is suitable for you and all the other participants. This approach complies with best practice in the industry, and we have followed the advice of accredited psychotherapists who are also highly qualified in NLP and coaching.

Please note that the form below assumes that you are doing a course lasting longer than two days, in which case we send you a copy for you to sign and return to us.

Should you have any questions about you being able to sign the form, please let us know so that we can discuss any issues that may be relevant.

We look forward to seeing you at the training.

Best regards

Jeremy Lazarus
The Lazarus Consultancy Ltd

TRAINING PARTICIPANT AGREEMENT FORM for all courses taken with The Lazarus Consultancy Ltd

The information contained and presented in The Lazarus Consultancy Ltd’s training courses is extremely useful in creating rapid and lasting change to assist all delegates to achieve the results they want. I, the undersigned, hereby agree to use this information only for the purposes of either self-improvement or to achieve a positive and ecological outcome when working with others.  I acknowledge that the power of these techniques requires care, integrity and respect for the highest intention of all individuals.

I confirm that all the training courses I do with the Lazarus Consultancy Ltd are entered into through my own free will, and I accept complete responsibility for my own well-being at all times. I further acknowledge that I am a healthy individual and that I am physically and psychologically fit to fully participate in such training courses and that I know of no reason, nor have I been informed by any physician, counsellor, psychotherapist or psychologist of any reason why my participation in these types of training would do me harm of any nature.  In particular, I confirm that:

  • I am not being treated, or have ever been treated or given medication, for any psychiatric illness, including depression, anxiety, stress and OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).
  • I have informed The Lazarus Consultancy Ltd if I have ever seen a counsellor, psychiatrist, psychotherapist or psychologist for any issue (apart from a relationship or bereavement counsellor)
  • I do not have, nor do any of my family have, a history of epilepsy
  • I have informed The Lazarus Consultancy Ltd if I have ever had or thought I had any kind of significant mental illness or issues, whether I saw a professional or not

(NB. Should you have any questions about you being able to sign the form, please let us know so that we can discuss with you any issues that may be relevant, to ensure that you gain the most from your participation. Please also notify us if you have any special needs regarding your learning.)

Should any of the above answers change after signing this agreement, I agree to inform The Lazarus Consultancy Ltd immediately the situation changes. (If I have already informed The Lazarus Consultancy Ltd of any issue referred to above, I note the summary at the foot of this page.) I understand that The Lazarus Consultancy Ltd reserves the right to ask any delegate to leave the course should it believe that continued participation of that delegate would be detrimental to the health/well-being of that delegate and/or that it would be inappropriate for that delegate to continue on the course.  In the unlikely event of this happening, a pro-rata refund will be made.

I agree to release and hold harmless The Lazarus Consultancy Ltd, its representatives and employees for the results of any portion of the trainings in which I voluntarily participate.  If this does not accurately reflect my situation I agree that I will notify one of the representatives of The Lazarus Consultancy Ltd before participating in any of its trainings.

During the training courses, depending on the exact nature of the course and the questions posed by delegates, there may be a discussion on matters relating to health, relationships, law, finance/money and similar topics. I acknowledge that any opinions expressed or comments made by the trainer(s) and training assistant(s) during such discussions are not intended to represent professional/financial/legal/medical advice in these areas, and that I will take qualified professional advice before acting on any topics covered in such discussions.

I understand that although such training courses may possibly raise emotional issues, it is not intended to provide a therapeutic environment or be a substitute for ongoing counselling or psychotherapy and that any unresolved issues which may surface and which may warrant counselling will be at my own expense.  Furthermore any written material included as part of this workshop are the sole property of The Lazarus Consultancy Ltd and protected by copyright laws and are for the use of The Lazarus Consultancy Ltd and employees and may not be re-produced without obtaining prior written permission.  As a participant, I agree not to record this workshop or any part thereof.

I acknowledge that I have carefully read and understood this agreement, and confirm that I am over 18 years old.

Name (printed): ………………………………………    Signature: …………………………………    Date: ……………….

I have confirmed made The Lazarus Consultancy Ltd aware of the following points relating to my participation

What our students and clients say

Ivona Gordon

Jeremy has a unique approach to bringing out the best in people. He certainly practices what he preaches!  Jeremy is one of a handful of trainers/coaches/practitioners that I would, without any hesitation, recommend to others.  He is knowledgeable, ethical and shows genuine passion for the work he does and how best to serve others.

Mel Larsen

Before doing the NLP course, I had felt I needed more coaching approaches and methodologies. The course gave me a lot of new techniques which I have used to help my coaching clients. Also I was launching my new coaching brand as I was doing the programme and looking back I can see it helped me to set big targets and reach them.

Donna de Villiers

I have had the pleasure of studying with Jeremy, and the NLP he has taught has had a wonderful impact on my personal and professional life.  Jeremy explains NLP in an accessible, easy, manner and for me took away the fluff of the subject.  The practical help on the courses and the smaller classes give you a personal learning environment, perfect for this subject.  I highly recommend Jeremy for anyone interested in NLP.

Simon Fanning

I found the course to be enlightening both personally and professionally.  Jeremy’s experience of the corporate world allowed for a real life perspective to be taken and a focused view into NLP and its application in Business and coaching.

Dave Cordle

I’ve undertaken three major trainings with Jeremy: NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner and most recently NLP Sports Practitioner. I keep coming back because the training is thorough, ethical and ecological, and it’s academically recognized. As a career coach I work with people at all stages of their career, across levels and across a wide range of industries.

Dara Caryotis

I feel privileged to have discovered NLP, it has changed my life. Understanding communication, the impact of language and being able to change unwanted behaviours has been the difference that made the difference for me.  Jeremy is so much more than an NLP Master Trainer.  It is a powerful rewarding experience learning and evolving with Jeremy. I highly recommend studying with Jeremy, one of my best decisions.