Do you want to learn NLP but have been put off by some of the hype and lack of recognised standards?

Are you put off studying NLP because you’re concerned about doing one of the many NLP courses which have meaningless qualifications and desperately low standards?

Our NLP Practitioner qualification is the first in the UK to be recognised as leading to a postgraduate qualification in Neuro-Coaching from a UK University. 

So you’ll know that your NLP Practitioner qualification actually means something outside the NLP bubble!

Dear Coach,

You may have heard about how effective and useful NLP is for coaches and people at work, and particularly how NLP can help you to:

  • communicate and influence brilliantly (whether as a coach, leader, manager, sales person, negotiator, trainer), and avoid all the problems and hassle that bad communication leads to
  • change the way you and other people think and behave, with their permission, for example when coaching / managing them to overcome challenges and solve problems to achieve goals rather than staying stuck or overcome by the challenges
  • replicate your excellence when you need to rather than sometimes feeling frustrated because you know you can do better.

The great thing about NLP is that if you are taught it well, you don’t need to have any previous NLP experience or masses of qualifications (useful as they are) to be able to become very proficient at using NLP.

However, one of the problems you’ll face when trying to find a suitable NLP course for you is that the field of NLP is, to a large extent,

  • unproven
  • unregulated

and sometimes taught by people who have questionable ethics and few qualifications.

But there has been a change

In May 2020, Neurominds Ltd (run by NLP Trainer Douglas De Souza) in conjunction with NLP Master Trainer Dr Sally Vanson (both long-time colleagues of Jeremy Lazarus and The Lazarus Consultancy Ltd) developed a

  • post-graduate Certificate
  • post-graduate Diploma
  • Masters’ Degree

in Professional Practice (Neuro-Coaching) in partnership with a UK University.

And because:

  • Jeremy Lazarus is a member of the academic faculty of Neurominds Ltd for the MA in Professional Practice (Neuro Coaching), meeting the University’s and the developers' requirements, and
  • The Lazarus Consultancy’s NLP programmes are one of only very few NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner and coaching programmes that count as being approved training for these Neuro Coaching qualifications (ours are the first in the UK)

this means that if you want to:

  • become an NLP Practitioner, and
  • know that you’ve been taught NLP properly, and
  • have the opportunity within the next few years to progress to a coaching-related postgraduate qualification from a UK University, and
  • make a quantum step in your management career (evidence shows that coaching is a key management skill), and
  • enhance your credibility and confidence if you are a professional coach, and
  • accelerate your path towards becoming a professional coach and
  • attend a course where satisfaction is 100% guaranteed (see below for details)

then this NLP Practitioner course is just what you’ve been looking for.

partnership with a UK University

And in addition to the special benefits of doing our NLP Practitioner course, there are all these other benefits that you will gain:

  • improve all your relationships
  • learn the mindset for success/excellence that will be available to you all your life
  • become a more fluent and flexible communicator
  • gain confidence in all situations
  • learn how to make decisions that are truly right for you
  • learn how to achieve the goals you want
  • clear negativity and baggage from the past

plus many others.

Who is this course right for?

Based on our experience of running NLP courses since 2000, this course will be right for you if you are the sort of person who wants to learn leading-edge communication and influencing skills that will mean that you won’t be just run-of-the-mill and concerned about whether you’ll progress in your career or business, but you will be someone who thrives and stands out from the rest. The types of professional people who usually attend our courses are:

  • employees seeking career progression
  • business coaches, consultants and trainers
  • business owners/entrepreneurs, senior managers and directors
  • sales professionals and business developers
  • HR and L&D professionals
  • sports coaches and athletes
  • Generally, these types of people know how important education is, and that the best investment anyone can make is in their own education (“if you think education is expensive, try ignorance”. Derek Bok, President, Harvard University)

    The course is NOT right for you if you just want an easy ride or a course that offers you a certificate without thoroughly checking that you have demonstrated the right skills and attitudes that are required for this course that leads to a UK University-recognised qualification.

    Because of the postgraduate standard of this NLP Practitioner course it is not suitable for everyone.  To see if you are eligible please call Jeremy personally on 0777 55 22239 or email him at NB. registration closes on 28 September 2020, so please get in touch quickly

    Who are the trainers?

    The course will be taught by NLP Master Trainers Jeremy Lazarus and Lisa de Rijk, with special appearances from Douglas De Souza, an NLP Trainer and founder of Neurominds Ltd. Between them, they have nearly 50 years of NLP training experience.

    Jeremy Lazarus
    Lisa de Rijk


    Our policy is simple. If you are not 100% satisfied with the course, and you let us know within 3 days of the course starting, we will refund you 100%, no questions asked.

    Logistics: Dates & location & pre-course preparation

    The course logistics are as follows

    • the course takes place on Zoom
    • the course lasts 8 days, plus approx 50 hours of pre-course preparation
    • the course will be recorded (for your own benefit and for the benefit of future students)


    Dates 2020

    Timings (UK)



    1-2 October

    9.30 to 5.30



    8-9 October

    9.30 to 5.30



    5-6 November

    9.30 to 5.30



    12-13 November

    9.30 to 5.30


    Advanced Coaching Skills Course

    To allow you enough time to do the pre course preparations bookings close on 7 September, Contact Jeremy now (0777 55 22239, to give you time to receive and work through the pre-study


    The price for the NLP Practitioner course is £2,500 (plus VAT if you can reclaim it). If you book onto one of the postgraduate courses at the same time, this price is reduced to £2,200 plus VAT. This price includes all the pre-course preparation and training manuals for the NLP Practitioner course. 

    As a professional and someone has read to this point, you don’t need me or anyone else to tell you how important education is, and that the best investment you can make is in your own education.

    Next Steps

    Thank you for having read this so far. Having done so, you are in one of three places:

    1. You know this academically-recognised NLP Practitioner course is not for you. If you are in this situation, thank you for reading this far, and if you change your mind, do contact us
    2. You know this academically-recognised NLP Practitioner course is right for you, and you want to book. If so, please contact us (see below) 
    3. You are interested, and you have some questions. If so, please contact our office (020 8349 2929 or to arrange a time when we can speak and answer all your questions.

    We hope you will invest in yourself to help you create the kind of future that you want for yourself and your family. Please let us know if you have any questions.

    Speak to Jeremy personally on 0777 55 22239 or email him at to book now (registration closes on 7 September 2020)

    What our students and clients say

    Ivona Gordon

    Jeremy has a unique approach to bringing out the best in people. He certainly practices what he preaches!  Jeremy is one of a handful of trainers/coaches/practitioners that I would, without any hesitation, recommend to others.  He is knowledgeable, ethical and shows genuine passion for the work he does and how best to serve others.

    Mel Larsen

    Before doing the NLP course, I had felt I needed more coaching approaches and methodologies. The course gave me a lot of new techniques which I have used to help my coaching clients. Also I was launching my new coaching brand as I was doing the programme and looking back I can see it helped me to set big targets and reach them.

    Donna de Villiers

    I have had the pleasure of studying with Jeremy, and the NLP he has taught has had a wonderful impact on my personal and professional life.  Jeremy explains NLP in an accessible, easy, manner and for me took away the fluff of the subject.  The practical help on the courses and the smaller classes give you a personal learning environment, perfect for this subject.  I highly recommend Jeremy for anyone interested in NLP.

    Simon Fanning

    I found the course to be enlightening both personally and professionally.  Jeremy’s experience of the corporate world allowed for a real life perspective to be taken and a focused view into NLP and its application in Business and coaching.

    Dave Cordle

    I’ve undertaken three major trainings with Jeremy: NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner and most recently NLP Sports Practitioner. I keep coming back because the training is thorough, ethical and ecological, and it’s academically recognized. As a career coach I work with people at all stages of their career, across levels and across a wide range of industries.

    Dara Caryotis

    I feel privileged to have discovered NLP, it has changed my life. Understanding communication, the impact of language and being able to change unwanted behaviours has been the difference that made the difference for me.  Jeremy is so much more than an NLP Master Trainer.  It is a powerful rewarding experience learning and evolving with Jeremy. I highly recommend studying with Jeremy, one of my best decisions.