Want to become irresistible to clients? Then you need to read this

One of the most useful NLP topics is known as ‘Values’. NLP Values (sometimes known as ‘criteria’) can be defined as what is important to you, or what you want, in any particular context. So, for example, you will have things that are important to you in your career, for example variety, challenge and respect, and you will have things that are important to you in a pair of shoes, such as price, style and colour.

Knowing how to discover values will help you to:

  1. Sell and persuade, because if you can find out what’s important to someone and demonstrate how your product, service or idea will help them to have it, your offering becomes almost irresistible to them.
  2. Manage and motivate staff, because if you know what’s important to them and do whatever you reasonably can as their manager to help them to have it, they will be extremely motivated, which will make you look great as their boss, as well as helping the team and ultimately customers/service users.
  3. Make great decisions, because if you have a checklist, you can assess the various options and check that all the main values/criteria will be met

plus several other benefits.

My latest book, published in September 2013 called NLP for Business Success, covers this and many other topics that are relevant to business and the workplace. The specific chapter dealing with values is available as a free download. Once you have seen for yourself just how valuable values are (pardon the pun!), you may wish to buy the book itself, available for £14.99 from us or slightly less from Amazon. And if you actually want to learn and gain experience working with values, we cover the topic on all of our NLP courses, including the 1 day NLP Introduction called ‘NLP for Business Success’.

Do contact us if you have any questions. Happy reading J.