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Winning At Sport

Ahead of the Game CourseImprove your Sports Performance

Whether you are an athlete or a sports coach (in any sport, at any level), Winning at Sport will be close to your heart, regardless of whether you want to beat your opponents or simply beat your own previous performances and expectations. The Lazarus Consultancy is dedicated to helping YOU gain the mental edge, so that YOU can get BETTER RESULTS FASTER in your sport, your work/business and your career).

Key to you being able to perform to your best is learning the secrets to managing the most important muscle – YOUR MIND! The advanced coaching and NLP techniques that we use will help you to make significant (often unprecedented) improvements in performance.

We have a number of e-books with Sports tips as well as videos of our NLP Sports Practitioner course, one-to-one sports performance coaching and other useful coaching strategies.

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Testimonials from our sports courses and clients

Testimonials from our sports courses

  • “Would definitely recommend this course.  It’s the “how to do it” on such a practical level. Great!”  Anna Linton
  • “Jeremy is a great trainer and facilitator. He has helped me to connect with my passion with NLP and my desire to help others”
  • “Recommended for all athletes with the desire to improve their performance.” Nick Clark
  • “a stimulating experience covering known subjects in the sports context.  “ Richard Foskett
  • “A great course to help you use NLP tools and techniques to enable athletes get better results, faster.” Mark Russell

Testimonials about our Sports Performance Coaching

“Without Jeremy’s expert help I’m not sure I would have won the medal in Glasgow.”

Michael Gault OBE, England and Great Britain pistol shooting team, winner of 18 Commonwealth Games medals.

“Jeremy is very easy to work with, makes complex topics simple to use and is totally trustworthy. He seems to know the right thing to say at the right time. I am truly grateful for his input.”

Stewart Nangle, England and Great Britain pistol shooting team member.

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