UK University neuro-coaching qualifications: course starts soon
NLP Practitioner 2022
Module 1: Tue 27 – Wed 28 Sep
Module 2: Tue 11 – Wed 12 Oct
Module 3: Tue 15 - Wed 16 Nov
Module 4: Tue 29 - Wed 30 Nov
9.30am - 5.45pm

On-line (Zoom) - wherever you want!

£2,500 (plus VAT if reclaimable)

Ask us about payment options and the special price for MA students.


The Lazarus Consultancy courses are recognised by the anlp The Lazarus Consultancy AC ACCT The Lazarus Consultancy AC Accredited Diploma
The Lazarus Consultancy courses are recognised by the anlp
The Lazarus Consultancy AC ACCT
The Lazarus Consultancy AC Accredited Diploma

Detailed content of our NLP Practitioner Course

The key beliefs and pillars that NLP is built on

  • Empowering beliefs that will alter your life.
  • The communication model that lets you see situations for what they really are.

Goals: the foundation of achievement

  • How to set goals and achieve them.
  • How to help others to do the same.

Rapport: the foundation of influence

  • Learn the facts about body language
  • Learn how to use your voice to gain rapport, even on the phone
  • How to disagree and yet maintain trust and co-operation.

Representational Systems: making the most of all your senses

  • Find out how we internally code our experience of the world.
  • Use this language to transform your ability to communicate with others.
  • How to tell HOW someone is thinking just by watching their eyes.

Submodalities: making your brain really work for you

  • How to change unwanted beliefs, habits and feelings, including the desire for certain foods.
  • How to alter the meaning you place on things and events.
  • Learn how to permanently remove phobias

Language Patterns: being focused with words

  • Learn how to use presuppositions to impact appropriately on someone’s experience.
  • Learn how to listen to everyday language to see how others limit themselves.
  • Learn how to ask the questions that can lessen or even solve problems.
  • Challenge peoples’ objections gracefully.
  • Learn the linguistic secrets of the eminent hypnotist Milton Erickson.

Anchoring: the power to feel how you want

  • How to control your feelings at anytime.
  • Learn how to move people from being stuck to being resourceful in minutes.

Perceptual Positions: changing your point of view to achieve better results

  • Learn how to resolve inter-personal and inter-group conflict.
  • Discover how to gain invaluable insights about other points of view, to aid decision-making and leadership.
  • Learn how to be your own best adviser.

Strategies: how we do what we do

  • Find out how others make decisions.
  • Find out how to mold your sales approach to suit other peoples’ buying strategy.
  • Learn how to coach others to improve their strategies.

Neurological Levels: more keys to personal and organisational congruency

  • Gain greater alignment between goals and actions to produce a compelling recipe for success.
  • Discover a model for analysing and resolving problems.

Parts Integration: a key to personal congruency

  • Increase personal congruence and enhance energy levels through resolution of internal conflict.
  • Learn how to apply this to organisations to resolve conflicts and enhance negotiation.

Time-line Coaching

  • Release negative emotions from the past such as anger, sadness, fear and guilt quickly and effortlessly.
  • Delete dis-empowering decisions that hold you back such as “I’m not good enough to do…”, “I can’t have lots of money and a great relationship”
  • Learn how to use your Time-Line to create and get what you want.
  • Learn how to assist others in doing the above.

Coaching Skills

  • Learn how to set up a coaching relationship.
  • Learn some do’s and don’t’s of coaching.
  • Learn how to structure on-going coaching sessions.
  • Learn how to use NLP as a coach.

Putting it all together

  • Learn how to structure a one-off NLP coaching session.
  • Run a two hour coaching session with someone you have never met