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NLP for Business Success video course


In addition to the live NLP for Business Success course, you can purchase a recording of a live training so that you can review or learn in a place and time that is completely in your control.

The course includes 20 videos (see full list) and a full downloadable manual. It covers all of the material from the live training, and focuses on key NLP techniques and how to use them to increase your success in business and personally.

This introduction to NLP for business is for people who want to improve results at work, such as:


  • Managers and leaders

  • Business developers

  • HR and L&D professionals

  • Employees who know they are worth more

You will initially be able to access the videos on a private members only area. Your purchase is Guaranteed and completely risk-free for 30 days (you can get a refund if it’s not suitable); after 30 days, or before that if you waive the guarantee period, you can download them to your local device.