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ILM coach training ('Accredited' and 'Recognised')

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We offer two types of ILM coach training courses: ‘Accredited’ and ‘Recognised’ (scroll down for a brief explanation).

1. Accredited ILM coach training courses:



2. ILM Recognised coach training courses:

See below or click on the link for more information on each course.

Understanding your ILM coach training options with The Lazarus Consultancy

In summary:

  • Our ‘Accredited’ ILM courses offer attendees a VRQ (Vocational Recognised Qualification), and require a combination of face-to-face study and post-course written and practical coaching assignments.
  • Our ‘Recognised’ ILM courses offer attendees some recognition of having attended an approved ILM training, without signidficant amounts of post-course assignments. In many cases you can use the face-to-face study to upgrade to an Accredited course.

Please see immediately below for more detailed information.

1. Accredited ILM coach training courses

We offer the following two Accredited courses;

We can offer the ‘Diploma’ rather and ‘Certificate’ version of each. The ‘Diploma’ version has significantly more coaching hours, so the related written assignment is longer. Contact us for more details.

Please follow the links above to see the course details. In summary, these are nationally recognised qualifications in coaching and mentoring, awarded by the ILM. There are several days’ coach training for each course, and afterwards you do ILM’s written assignments and specified number of coaching hours (more details are shown on the relevant page).

The terms ‘Level 5’ and ‘Level 7 ‘ are based on the UK Government’s National Qualification Framework. As mentioned in this ILM document, Level 5 roughly equates to the level of the first year or two of a Batchelors Degree, and Level 7 roughly equates to Masters’ Degree level.

2. ILM Recognised coach training courses

The ILM Recognition programme has two types of course, each with a physical ILM certificate:

  • Development, which have no assessment, although you have the comfort of knowing that you’re receiving an ILM-approved training.
  • Endorsed, which have a small amount of assessment, therefore all of our ILM Endorsed courses have the following assessments;

on the course, where you show that you can do what you learn on the course,
after the course, where you write a brief essay which explains how you will use (or have used) the material.

We have five Recognised ILM coach training courses, and you can choose either Development or Endorsed level.  (You can also choose the basic level, where there is no ILM certification at all).

The relevant course page shows the prices for each level.

Why attend our ILM coach training courses?

  • You will learn excellent coaching skills and gain qualifications / recognition that are internationally-recognised, which will improve your coaching and management capabilities.
  • You will also gain an NLP Diploma/Business Diploma.
  • Because we have been running coaching-related courses since 2000 and are an ILM Approved Centre, you know you will receive high-quality training.
  • Jeremy Lazarus is a very highly-qualified and experienced coach and a former Finance Director, and brings a wealth of practical business experience to your coach training.